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PACT 2024: International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques
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Long Beach, California, USA
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Call For Papers

The International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT) is a unique technical conference sitting at the intersection of hardware and software, with a special emphasis on parallelism. The PACT conference series brings together researchers from computer architectures, compilers, execution environments, programming languages, and applications, to present and discuss their latest research results.

PACT 2024 will be held as an in-person event in Long Beach, California, USA. At least one of the authors of accepted papers will be required to attend the conference, and we encourage all the authors to participate.

Specific topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

    Parallel architectures, including accelerator architectures for AI or other domains
    Compilers and tools for parallel architectures (as above)
    Applications and experimental systems studies of parallel processing
    Computational models for concurrent execution
    Multicore, multithreaded, superscalar, and VLIW architectures
    Compiler and hardware support for hiding memory latencies
    Support for correctness in hardware and software
    Reconfigurable parallel computing
    Dynamic translation and optimization
    I/O issues in parallel computing and their relation to applications
    Parallel programming languages, algorithms, and applications
    Middleware and run time system support for parallel computing
    Application-specific parallel systems
    Distributed computing architectures and systems
    Heterogeneous systems using various types of accelerators
    In-core and in-chip accelerators and their exploitation
    Applications of machine learning to parallel computing
    Large scale data processing, including computing in memory accelerators

    Insights for the design of parallel architectures and compilers from modern parallel applications

    PACT for Quantum and Neurmorphic
    Neuromorphic computing both as an application for and a tool applied to architectures and compilers
    Quantum computing architectures and compilers.

In addition to the regular research papers, PACT 2024 has a special category of papers called “tools and practical experience” (TPE). Such papers are subject to the same page length guidelines and will be reviewed by the same Program Committee. TPE papers focus on applicability (such as traditional methods employed in emerging fields), exposing challenges and experiences the industry is facing as an opportunity to steer the research. A TPE paper must clearly explain its functionality, provide a summary about the practice experience with realistic case studies, and describe all the supporting artifacts available (if relevant). The selection criteria are:

    Originality: Papers should present PACT-related technologies applied to real-world problems with scope or characteristics that set them apart from previous solutions.
    Usability: The presented Tools or compilers should have broad usage or applicability. They are expected to assist in PACT-related research, or could be extended to investigate or demonstrate new technologies. If significant components are not yet implemented, the paper will not be considered.
    Documentation: The tool or compiler should be presented on a web-site giving documentation and further information about the tool.
    Benchmark Repository: A suite of benchmarks for testing should be provided.
    Availability: Preferences will be given to tools or compilers that are freely available (at either the source or binary level). Exceptions may be made for industry and commercial tools that cannot be made publicly available for business reasons.
    Foundations: Papers should incorporate the principles underpinning Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT). However, a thorough discussion of theoretical foundations is not required; a summary of such should suffice.
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