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Name: Dou Sun
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Dou SUN (孙斗)

"Conference Partner" was created in 2011. It is an academic website for conferences and journals information. I built this website and maintained it in my spare time.

Email: sundou82 AT 

    J2EE (11 years of experience, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, JMS, RabbitMQ, Maven, Ant, ...)
    Web Services (11 years of experience, XML, JSON, SOAP, WSDL, BPEL, RESTful, ...)
    Web (14 years of experience, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Yii, Magento, JQuery, ExtJS, NodeJS...)

Projects and Working Experience:

04/2011 - now, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd (华为技术有限公司)

    DC2 (Distributed Cloud Data Center)
    Development and Test Cloud (DTC)
    Media Management Cloud (iShare)
    Media File Archive System (iLibrary) 
    Online Video Platform (OVP)
    Cloud Media Process System (CMP)

09/2007 - 09/2010, Formal Verification of Business Process. "BaiMai Project - QualiPso Program (FP6)"
Research cooperation between Beihang University and THALES Corporation

    Managed a team of 5 members
    Developed the "XServices BPEL Verification Tool"

11/2006 - 12/2008, WSOP - Web Services Orchestration Platform. "Service Oriented Autonomic Software System" (863 Program)

    Managed a team of 11 developers
    Developed the "XServices Orchestration Engine"

09/2005 - 05/2009, National E-government Standards and SOA Standards of China. Cooperation with China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI)

    In charge of the workflow specification in e-government standards and SOA standards
    Standards have been accepted and published as the industry standard and the national E-government standard
    Participated to draft the national standards for SOA.

09/2005 - 09/2009, Workflow System. Cooperation with the Chinese companies (Intervision, Cvicse, JianDa and etc.)

    Promoted the commercialization of "Web Services Workflow System" (WSWF)

02/2006 - 12/2006, XServices Suites OpenSource Project. International cooperation between OrientWare and ObjectWeb

    One of chief administrators of the opensource project
    Released the new version of "XServices Suites"

10/2005 - 06/2006 WSWF - Web Services Workflow System. "Integration and Application of Middleware Kit - Orientware" (863 Program)

    A core member of the develop team
    Integrated the WSWF into Orientware

Education Background:

09/2005 - 04/2011 Ph.D, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University (北京航空航天大学), Beijing, China
Ph.D project: Computer Software and Theory

10/2009 - 04/2010 Visiting Student, OASIS Team, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France

09/2004 - 06/2005 MSc Postgraduate, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University (北京航空航天大学), China
Accepted and Transferred to Ph.D student directly after first year performance.

09/2000 - 06/2004 BSc. Undergradate,School of Computer and Communication, Hunan University (湖南大学), China

Honors and Prizes:

[1] The 1st Prize at OW2 Programming Contest 2009, OW2, GuiYang, China, September 2009.

[2] The 1st ProActive Prize at Super Quant Monte-Carlo Challenge, V Grid Plugtests, INRIA, France, October 2008.

[3] The Prize of Special Contribute for R & D, ACT Lab, Beihang University, January 2008.

[4] The 2nd Prize Winner of N-Queens Contest, IV Grid Plugtests, CNIC, Beijing, October 2007.

[5] The "GuangHua" Scholarship for the year of 2007, Beihang University, December 2007.


[1] Directed Graph based Method for Detecting Control Cycles in WS-BPEL, No. 200810118124.4, Chinese Patent.

[2]GMF based Visual Modeling Approach for BPEL, No. 200810118126.3, Chinese Patent.

[3] An Automatic Method for Electronic Document Flow based on Web Services, No. 200810116992.9, Chinese Patent.

[4] A Fault-tolerant Method for Services based on XESB, No. 200810102768.4, Chinese Patent, .

[5] Web Services Runtime Management System and Method based on Rules, No. 200810102394.6, Chinese Patent.

[6] A Dynamic Evolution in Services Coordination based on System Structure, No. 200810118123.X, Chinese Patent.

[7] An Automatic Operation Method for Databse based on Web Services,No. 200510114782.2, Chinese Patent.

[8] A Conversion Method between Graphics with XML documents based on BPEL, No. 200510114689.1, Chinese Patent.

[9] An Approach for Processing Web Services Workflow based on Stack Model, No. 200510114563.4, Chinese Patent.

[1] Dou Sun, Yongwang Zhao, Hao Zeng, Dianfu Ma. An Operational Semantics of WS-BPEL based on Abstract BPEL Machine. IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA), 2010.

[2] Dou Sun, Yongwang Zhao, Hao Zeng, Dianfu Ma. SEDA4BPEL: A Staged Event-Driven Architecture for High-Concurrency BPEL Engine. IEEE symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), 2010, Page(s): 744 – 749.

[3] Dou Sun, Zhuqing Li, Yongwang Zhao, Dianfu Ma. Orchestra Designer: an open-source tool for scientific workflow modeling. IEEE International Workshop on Open-source Software for Scientific Computation (OSSC), 2009, Page(s): 39 – 43.

[4] Yongwang Zhao, Jing Li, Dou Sun, Dianfu Ma, "Towards Verifying Global Properties of Adaptive Software based on Linear Temporal Logic", 25th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA 2011) , IEEE Computer Society, March 22 - 25, 2011, Biopolis, Singapore, pp.240-247.

[5] Kexin Li, Dou Sun, Zhuqing Li, Yongwang Zhao, Dianfu Ma. Workflow Modeling Tool for Multi-User Collaboration. Annual International Conference on Advances in Distributed and Parallel Computing (ADPC), 2010.

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[7] Jian Liu, Dianfu Ma, Zhuqing Li, Dou Sun. A Formal Description of Web Services Container Architecture. 4th International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services (ICIW), 2009, Page(s): 30 - 36.

[8] Jian Liu, Dianfu Ma, Zhuqing Li, Dou Sun. A Formal Model of Web Services Transport Layer. 5th International Conference on Networking and Services (ICNS), 2009, Page(s): 474 - 480.

[9] Min Liu, Dianfu Ma, Yongwang Zhao, Dou Sun. An Approach to Preserving Consistency of SOAs in Dynamic Evolution. 4th International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services (ICIW), 2009, Page(s): 505 - 509.

[10] Dianfu Ma, Min Liu, Yongwang Zhao, Dou Sun. Reliability Quantification of the Tree Structure Based Distributed System. 14th IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC), 2008, Page(s): 351 - 352.

[11] Dianfu Ma, Min Liu, Yongwang Zhao, Dou Sun. Dependability of the System Based on Structured Service Collaboration Model. 4th International Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices (NWESP), 2008, Page(s): 28 - 32.

[12] Xin Zhao, Jun Han, and Dou Sun. The Design and Implementation of a BPEL Modeling Tool Supporting Automatic Layout, CONTROL & AUTOMATION [Journal], 2008

[13] Xin Zhao, Jun Han, and Dou Sun. The Research and Implementation of Visual BPEL Workflow Remote Debugging Mechanism, Application Research of Computers [Journal], 2008

[14] Yuanyuan Chen, Dou Sun, and Ying Li. Design and Implementation of a WSDM-Based Web Service Management Mechanism, CONTROL & AUTOMATION [Journal], 2008

[15] Hongjie He, Dou Sun, and Xin Zhao. A Framework for Graphic Modeling Tool, National Association of State Aquaculture Coordinators (NASAC 2007), 2007, Xi'an, China.
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