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Photonic Network Communications
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The primary goal of this journal is to publish high-quality, peer-reviewed papers focussing on research activities, major achievements, and trends involving all-optical communication networks. This is the only journal that focuses primarily on photonic networks, and it will report results on all relevant topics related to these networks.

Photonic Network Communications: Topics of interest include:

Network and System Technologies

Transport, access, and customer premises networks;
Local, regional, and global networks;
Transoceanic and undersea networks;
Optical transparent networks;
WDM, HWDM, and OTDM networks;
Wavelength routed networks;
Soliton-based networks;
Optical packet-switched networks;
Passive optical networks, PONs;
High-performance optical LANs, infrared LANs;
Subcarrier and code-division-multiplexed networks;
Photonic networks in space

Network and System Architectures

Network architectures and topologies;
Architecture and design of network nodes;
Optical crossconnects and add/drop multiplexers;
Design and architecture of interconnection networks;
Waveguide and free-space interconnection networks;
Optical interfaces and optical terminals;
Universal photonic infrastructures

Network Control

Network access protocols;
Optical quality-of-service admission control;
Signaling and connection set-up protocols;
Routing and wavelength assignment algorithms;
Network reconfiguration and restoration techniques;
Photonic-based end-to-end communication protocols;
Network and traffic control

Network Design, Planning, and Operation

System and network performance modeling;
Scalability, cascadability, upgradeability;
Network operation, maintenance, and management;
Measurement, monitoring, and supervision techniques;
Network planning and design;
Field trials and experiments;
Techno-economic comparisons;

Interworking with Other Networks

Cascaded heterogeneous photonic networks;
Interoperability and interworking with other networks;
Integration with IP, ATM, and SDH networks;
Integration with mobile communication networks;
Integration with control, supervision, and TV networks

Applications Designed for an All-Optical Infrastructure

IP over WDM;
Photonic by-passing;
Applications fully employing photonic infrastructures. 
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