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Computer Communications
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Computer and Communications networks are key infrastructures of the information society with high socio-economic value as they contribute to the correct operations of many critical services (from healthcare to finance and transportation). Internet is the core of today's computer-communication infrastructures. This has transformed the Internet, from a robust network for data transfer between computers, to a global, content-rich, communication and information system where contents are increasingly generated by the users, and distributed according to human social relations. Next-generation network technologies, architectures and protocols are therefore required to overcome the limitations of the legacy Internet and add new capabilities and services. The future Internet should be ubiquitous, secure, resilient, and closer to human communication paradigms.

Computer Communications is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes high-quality scientific articles (both theory and practice) and survey papers covering all aspects of future computer communication networks (on all layers, except the physical layer), with a special attention to the evolution of the Internet architecture, protocols, services, and applications. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    Emerging technologies for next generation network
    Future Internet architecture, protocols and services
    Content- and service-centric architecture
    Mobile and ubiquitous networks
    Self organizing/autonomic networking
    Green networking
    Internet content search
    QoS and multimedia networking
    Opportunistic networking
    On-line social networks
    Internet of things
    Public safety communication networks
    Network applications (web, multimedia streaming, VoIP, gaming, etc.)
    Trust, security and privacy in computer and communication networks
    Modeling, measurement and simulation
    Complex network models
    Internet socio-economic models
    Experimental test-beds and research platforms
    Algorithmic aspects of communication networks
    Network scaling and limits
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Special Issues
Special Issue on Sustainable Solutions for the Internet of Things using B5G/6G-aware Edge/Fog Networks
Submission Date: 2021-10-01

The special issue's target is to gather novel contributions from researchers belonging to academics and industry in the domain of sustainable IoT solutions using the B5G/6G aware edge network. The focus will be on some core technologies for minimizing traffic congestion of 5G in B5G/6G as the global data traffic has been predicted to increase exponentially in the next decade. Security and privacy aspects and the reliability and availability of the newly introduced platforms will be key subjects to explore. The main three technical points in this issue for research contribution will include Edge computing, B5G/6G based IoT platform, and Sustainable solutions to address the challenges of B5G/6G networks. List of contents: The topics of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to: ● Latency aware B5G/6G communication protocol for sustainable industrial automation ● Delay sensitive, intelligent transmission inducing B5G/6G ● Privacy and security aware sustainable IoT application ● 3C based IoT framework enabling intelligent B5G/6G ● Sustainability as a challenge of the smart city using 6G cellular network ● Intelligence in Blockchain-based IoT applications using B5G/6G ● Energy-efficient agricultural IoT for the network Edge/Fog ● Experimental prototyping of smart transport based on B5G/6G ● 6G enabled real-time edge/fog communication for intelligent living ● Edge/Fog computing for smart living applications ● Enabling Edge/Fog-6G integration for sustainable and smart healthcare ● Scalable IoT infrastructure for mobile Edge/Fog computing ● Mobile Edge/Fog computing for sustainable eco-cities ● Crowdsensing and crowdsourcing for scalable B5G enabled edge in smart cities ● Ubiquitous sensing and actuation in distributed IoT platform ● Testbeds and validation of 6G protocols for smart decision making ● Advanced algorithms for domain specific IoT applications using B5G/6G ● QoS challenges in autonomous networks beyond 5G/6G ● Congestion control schemes for traffic management in wireless 6G network ● Service aware dynamic resource allocation in IoT-Edge/Fog framework
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