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Computer Standards & Interfaces
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The quality of software, well-defined interfaces (hardware and software), the process of digitalisation, and accepted standards in these fields are essential for building and exploiting complex computing, communication, multimedia and measuring systems. Standards can simplify the design and construction of individual hardware and software components and help to ensure satisfactory interworking.

Computer Standards & Interfaces is an international journal dealing specifically with these topics.

The journal
• Provides information about activities and progress on the definition of computer standards, software quality, interfaces and methods, at national, European and international levels
• Publishes critical comments on standards and standards activities
• Disseminates user's experiences and case studies in the application and exploitation of established or emerging standards, interfaces and methods
• Offers a forum for discussion on actual projects, standards, interfaces and methods by recognised experts
• Stimulates relevant research by providing a specialised refereed medium.

Computer Standards & Interfaces is concerned with the specification, development and application of standards and with high-level publications of developments and methods in the following areas:
• Standards, Information Management, Formal Methods - Computers, Processors, Storage, Operating systems, Languages, Databases, Graphics, User interface, Multimedia, Information security, Office automation, Development of standards and instruments, Applications
• Software Quality, Software Process - Languages, Operating systems, Programming, Requirements specification, Design & implementation, Inspection & test, Maintenance, Product and process evaluation, Performance, Tools, Metrics, Embedded systems, Software in measurement and technical systems including real-time aspects, Development of International Standards in Software Engineering
• Distributed Systems, Open Systems, E-Topics - Digital interfaces, System and device buses, Fieldbuses, Data communication, Distributed computing, Protocols, Open systems interconnection, Local and wide area networks, Internet, Worldwide Web, Network security, Cryptology, E-services, E-business, E-commerce
• Data Acquisition - Analog-to-digital conversion, Specification, Modelling, Industrial electronics, Real-time systems, Laboratory automation, Automatic measurement, Process control, Electromagnetic compatibility
• Digital Instruments Standardisation - Forum of EUPAS, European Project for ADC-based devices, Standardisation (IMEKO TC-4 Working Group on A/D and D/A Converter Metrology), IEEE TC-10, IEC TC-42-WG8, IEC TC-85-WG16; Standardi-sation of specifications, modelling, testing, and analog and digital processing for digital instruments

The last issue of a volume includes an author index and a subject index.

CS&I also covers general topics concerning the standardisation process, such as technical, political and commercial aspects of standards, their impact on the marketplace, cost/benefit analyses, legislative issues, and relationships among national and international standards bodies.
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Special Issues
Special Issue on Security and Privacy Preservation for Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Applications in 5G and Beyond
Submission Date: 2020-08-29

From the last few years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift with a major focus on mission critical applications ultra-reliable low latency applications (URLCC) such as AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, e-healthcare, smart education, etc., the aim of which is to provide QoS and QoE to the end users with high reliability and low latency. Starting from driverless vehicles and drone-based deliveries, smart cities and factories, remote medical diagnosis and surgery, and artificial-intelligence-based personalized assistants, there are enormous number of applications around us which require strong network backbone infrastructure for QoS and QoE preservation. In the years to come, 5G and 6G technologies are expected to provide 20 Gbps peak data rate, 100 Mbps data rates at the cell edges, 106 devices per square kilometers, 10 Mbps per square kilometers areal capacity and 1 ms round-trip latency for the aforementioned applications. All these services require high data rate with low latency which can be provided by the upcoming 5G and 6G technologies having strong backbone infrastructure. By making use of Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and network slicing in 5G, massive MIMO, a huge number of connections between different devices can be made to preserve QoS and QoE for the aforementioned applications. As most of the sensitive data for the aforementioned applications is being transmitted over wireless links so security, privacy and trust management are the key challenges to handle. Also, as more user data and network traffic will be transferred, so the big data security challenges are also of paramount concern in this environment. Although there are many solutions available in the literature to address these issues, but still existing solutions are not sufficient keeping in view of the changes and adaptation in user authentication, privacy preservation and authentication. Hence, secure network architectures, and protocols are required to resolve the aforementioned issues. Hence, this special issue solicits contributions from the academicians, researchers, and practioners to submit their valuable findings with below mentioned topics which are not limited to the following Security Architectures for URLCC in 5G and Beyond Access Control policies for URLCC in 5G and Beyond Security Protocols for URLCC in 5G and Beyond Data and networks Protection for URLCC in 5G and Beyond Physical Layer Security for URLCC in 5G and Beyond Big Data Security for URLCC in 5G and Beyond Security and trust management for URLCC in 5G and Beyond Privacy preservation for URLCC in 5G and Beyond
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