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IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
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IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences (hereafter we abbreviate it to call IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals) consists of three types: paper, letter, and survey paper. Paper and letter types are based on submissions. 
Note that survey paper type is only requested by the editorial committee.

PAPER: Includes reports on research, developments, and examinations performed by the Society's members for the specific fields shown in the category list such as detailed below, the contents of which may advance the development of science and industry:
(1) Reports on new theories, experiments with new contents, or extensions of and supplements to conventional theories and experiments.
(2) Reports on development of measurement technology and various applied technologies.
(3) Reports on the planning, design, manufacture, testing, or operation of facilities, machinery, parts, materials, etc.
(4) Presentation of new methods, suggestion of new angles, ideas, systematization, software, or any new facts regarding the above (1) to (3).

LETTER: Includes the following in terms of range and content and the same as those for PAPER.
(5) Reports on research for prompt announcement.
(6) Written discussions to submit opinions to articles published in the Transaction.
(7) Suggestion of critical opinions conceived in relation to research.
The Transactions is a medium where the members provide and exchange new topics easily and in a timely manner in either form shown above. It is the perfect way for members to acquire new knowledge and information on these topics, actively exchange questions, opinions, etc., and enlighten each other.

SURVEY PAPER: Includes the following, targeting the same range and content as the PAPER.
(8) Reports that reflect a set understanding of the field involved, and effectively respond to inquiries from researchers or other involved parties about the significance of the field. In short, reports that support entries by new researchers, development by on-site researchers and applications by involved parties in that field.
(9) Reports that differ from tutorials (explanatory articles appearing in journals) in that they demand a high caliber of technical knowledge. In short, reports that envision readers as specialists in the field, place their focus on classification of existing documents, provide overviews of the field, evaluate the latest trends and cover other areas in that field.
(10) Reports targeting major and large-scale fields (areas in which numerous readers have an interest) that effectively develop a basic framework or overall image of that field. In short, summary introductions that will hopefully encourage new research and otherwise supply members with high-level assessments of the field, while systematically presenting existing research from a set perspective.
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