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Computer Networks (CN)
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Computer Networks is an international, archival journal providing a publication vehicle for complete coverage of all topics of interest to those involved in the computer communications networking area. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators of networks as well as designers and implementors. The Editorial Board will consider any material for publication that is of interest to those groups.


The topics covered by the journal but not limited to these are:

1. Communication Network Architectures:
New design contributions on Local Area Networks (LANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs) including Wired, Wireless, Mobile, Cellular, Sensor, Optical, IP, ATM, and other related network technologies, as well as new switching technologies and the integration of various networking paradigms.

2. Communication Network Protocols:
New design contributions on all protocol layers except the Physical Layer, considering all types of networks mentioned above and their performance evaluation; novel protocols, methods and algorithms related to, e.g., medium access control, error control, routing, resource discovery, multicasting, congestion and flow control, scheduling, multimedia quality of service, as well as protocol specification, testing and verification.

3. Network Services and Applications:
Web, Web caching, Web performance, Middleware and operating system support for all types of networking, electronic commerce, quality of service, new adaptive applications, and multimedia services.

4. Network Security and Privacy:
Security protocols, authentication, denial of service, anonymity, smartcards, intrusion detection, key management, viruses and other malicious codes, information flow, data integrity, mobile code and agent security.

5. Network Operation and Management:
Including network pricing, network system software, quality of service, signaling protocols, mobility management, power management and power control algorithms, network planning, network dimensioning, network reliability, network performance measurements, network modeling and analysis, and overall system management.

6. Discrete Algorithms and Discrete Modeling
Algorithmic and discrete aspects in the context of computer networking as well as mobile and wireless computing and communications. Fostering cooperation among practitioners and theoreticians in this field.


The primary purpose of the journal is to publish original and complete papers covering a specific topic or project in the above mentioned areas in sufficient detail and depth to be of practical use to interested readers. The readers should benefit from the novel solutions and analyses presented in the papers. Enhanced, extended versions of quality papers presented at conferences or workshops can be submitted to our journal for review. Note that papers which were already published with the same contents or simultaneous submission of the same paper to other journals or conferences will not be considered for publication in our journal and will be immediately rejected.
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Special Issues
Special Issue on Pub/sub solutions for interoperable and dynamic IoT systems
Submission Date: 2022-08-30

A timely analysis of data coming from the IoT infrastructure is crucial to usefully transform it into knowledge that can add value to the application domain. This result can be obtained with a transition from a centralized, cloud-based architecture to an interoperable and decentralized dynamic architecture. This transition will allow to achieve highly efficient and responsive services by locating the data processing close to the data source, in the edge. Moreover, edge computing allows bringing AI-based IoT solutions in areas where connectivity is scarce and where in general resources are limited, for example in rural or remote areas. Consider, for example, the so-called TinyML solutions, a fast-growing field of machine learning technologies capable of performing on-device data analytics at extremely low power, typically in the mW range. In this special issue we are interested in solutions based on the Publish/subscribe messaging systems to facilitate the move of IoT towards an interoperable and decentralized dynamic architecture, ensuring the easy-to-use and high availability of current infrastructures, as well as what additional benefits this new paradigm can bring to IoT. Some of the topics of interest are: - Routing, forwarding, and caching for decentralized pub/sub systems - Pub/sub solutions supporting mobile or constrained environments - Pub/sub platforms for IoT/Edge systems allowing specification of computations on data and orchestration - Pub/sub solutions for integrating big data platforms and machine learning frameworks - Pub/sub systems management for IoT/Edge systems, e.g., monitoring and fault diagnosis - Pub/Sub middleware for IoT/Edge systems - Pub/Sub solutions for data analytics in IoT - Experiences with application of pub/sub systems in various domains - Measurement and analysis of pub/sub based IoT/Edge systems applications and infrastructure - Implementation challenges and experiences: routing scalability, congestion control, network management at scale, zeroconf bootstrapping and operation - Approaches to coexistence/evolution of pub/sub and REST-like solutions
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