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SmartGridComm 2019: IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids
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2019-05-17 Extended
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Beijing, China
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Call For Papers
Call for Papers: Communications and Networking

The realization of smart grids is hampered by challenges such as geographic distribution, scale, and heterogeneity. These challenges can be overcome by effectively addressing the integration of the many interconnected elements of the electric power grid by reliable inter-element cooperation and information interchange. Communication and Networking technologies are, therefore, critical drivers to the achievement of enabled smart grids. Major research effort is required to integrate these components, technologies, and protocols into a versatile communication solution that can support a wide variety of smart grid applications ranging from smart metering data collection and demand response to microgrid management and interaction of medium-voltage substation control with low-voltage distribution grid management. With the above outlined challenges and requirements, this Symposium on Communications and Networking, therefore, has objectives to identify communication requirements in various grid applications, analyze existing communication technologies in that context and to develop communication architectures and protocols as well as communication-centric data-management solutions meeting those requirements. In line with the above objectives, this symposium will have a wide scope, ranging from theoretical performance analysis to practical system design and testbeds. It is thus desired that the symposium would describe advances in communications technologies to support the smart grid and related cyber-physical systems. This may include relevant advances in communications and protocol design, new insights into network design and operation for the smart grid, as well as new smart grid applications. The interaction between the communications network and the control and operation of the physical distribution grid, including the actuators and sensors, and recent topics in fifth generation wireless communications, such as ultra-reliable and low latency technologies, network virtualization and software-defined networking can also be included.

Topics of Particular Interest:

    Communication and System
        Physical and MAC layer protocols including the fifth generation (5G) and machine type communication (MTC) wireless technologies
        Low power and wide area link layer technologies (PLC and wireless)
        Interference assessment and mitigation
        Resource management and cross-layer optimization
        Capacity and network planning, resource and service discovery
        Multi-hop communication and mesh networking
        Lightweight IP networking stacks for constrained devices
        Scalable network and system architecture (e.g., FAN, HAN, NAN, and BAN)
        Lightweight IP networking stacks for constrained devices
        Communication protocols optimized for (real-time) information collection and control applications
        Data models and communication-aware data management solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), smart metering and smart grids
        Coexistence, convergence and interoperability mechanism
    Application to Smart Energy and Cyber-Physical Systems
        Data models and communication-aware data management solutions for smart metering and smart grids
        Signal processing and coding techniques for energy-related sensor information
        Integration of smart meters in smart grid ICT networks; integration of electrical, gas and water meters in smart grid ICT solutions
        Performance of smart metering and smart grid communication solutions and results from field trials; performance of electric vehicle and their supply equipment networks; performance of microgrid communication networks
        Joint communication and control for smart energy systems
        Interoperability and performance of communication solutions for substation automation and control of distributed energy resources

Call for Papers: Control and Operation

This symposium will discuss new research in the theory and practice of control and operation systems, particularly for the smart grid and related cyber-physical systems. This will include new methods and procedures for centralized and distributed control, monitoring, optimization, automation, and protection, as well as their applications to different levels of the grid, ranging from transmission and distribution systems to microgrids and to buildings. Authors may also discuss the integration of grid resources, including the use of renewable energy, distributed generation, grid storage systems, and electric vehicles.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

    Distributed control and/or decentralized decision making
        Optimal generation and/or load scheduling
        Voltage control and frequency control
        Resilient, robust and scalable control methods
        Real-time state estimation
    Distributed energy resources (DER) in distribution systems and microgrids:
        Integration of DER technologies, including renewable generation, and energy storage, and demand response technologies
        Integration and aggregation of DERs and virtual power plant (VPP) concepts
        Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading
        Mitigation of renewable source variability and provision of reliable services
    Analysis techniques for control and operation of distribution systems and microgrids:
        Cyber-physical modelling, forecasting, and simulation
        Transient and stability analysis
        Security and vulnerability assessment
    Electric vehicle integration in distribution systems and micro-grids:
        Charging control, management, scheduling and pricing strategies
        Overload mitigation
        Grid storage provisioning (vehicle to grid)
    Power electronics and devices for distribution systems and microgrids:
        Grid management functionalities of power electronic converters
        Active power filtering, load-sharing, and islanding operation
        DC distribution systems and DC micro-grid networks
        Phasor measurement units (PMUs)
        Distributed measurement systems
    Protection and fault-management in distribution systems and microgrids:
        Fault monitoring, location, and isolation
        Predictive maintenance
        Operating strategies during emergencies, islanding and black start

Call for Papers: Cybersecurity and Privacy

This symposium will investigate the cyber layer of the smart grid and how it connects, interacts, and impacts the physical layer. The focus will be on innovative technologies, solutions, and methodologies that advance the smart grid cybersecurity while considering the prevailing privacy issues. Papers describing cyber resilient infrastructure, communication architectures, risk assessment and measurement, cyber-physical security will be in scope.

    Secure and resilient cyber-physical and communication architectures
        Tamper-resistant device technologies and root of trust
        Cryptography, key management, authentication, provenance, and access control
        Detection, prevention, and mitigation of cyber data attacks and false data injection
        (Distributed) Denial of Service resilience
        Cloud security
        Resilience through novel network architecture or heterogeneous networks

    Wide-area monitoring and data acquisition in modernized power grid
        PMU-based sensing and control for attack detection, prevention, mitigation
        Topology and network parameter validation of power grid using PMU  measurements
        Identification of unusual events for hidden state of the power system by synchrophasor measurements
        Asset health condition monitoring by PMUs 

    Security and privacy risk assessment, measurement and management
        Models of smart grid security and privacy
        Cross-Domain (power to cyber) intrusion and security event detection, analysis, and response
        Big data and machine learning approaches for smart grid security and privacy
        Deception technologies for smart grid (e.g., honeypot)
        Privacy preservation and inference

    Smart Energy and Cyber-Physical Applications of Security
        Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things (IoT)
        SCADA and legacy system security
        Security design and verification tools
        End-to-end security for smart energy systems
        Blockchain technologies for power grid
        Cyber-physical security for distributed energy resources

Call for Papers: Data Analytics and Computation

This symposium will consider how data can be collected and processed from the smart grid, energy internet, and related cyber-physical systems. Efficient data processing techniques for all kinds of power/energy data, including smart meters, phasor measurement unit measurements, grid status reports, and etc. should be discussed. Applications of data analytics to power/energy applications, such as demand response, demand-side management, predictive maintenance, and renewable energy management should be considered. Finally, the innovative use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning and data visualization approaches for the smart grid and energy internet in a variety of contexts including efficient network management, improved situational awareness and anomaly detection will be of interest.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

    Data management strategies:
        Strategies for wide-area monitoring and visualization
        software/cloud architectures
        reliable and privacy-preserving data storage
        reliable and privacy-preserving data communications
        blockchain technologies
    Big Data Analytics:
        data mining, machine learning, and deep learning
        privacy-preserving analytics
        semantic techniques
        real-time data analysis and decision making
        cyber-physical modeling and simulation
    Application of data management and analytics to:
        power-grid transmission and distribution system automation
        state estimation
        energy internet and trading
        resource aggregation (renewables, electric vehicles, flexible demand, etc.)
        managing smart buildings/houses at scale
        demand response
        dynamic utility pricing
        predictive maintenance
        renewable energy management

The organizers particularly welcome case studies based on real-world data.
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