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ICIT 2020: International Conference on Industrial Technology
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2019-10-15 Extended
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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1. Power Electronics and Energy Conversion. Sergio Alberto González, Argentina; Haithan Ab Rub, Qatar; José Ignacio León, Spain; Samir Kouro, Chile

Power converters, power electronic devices, SiC Mosfet & SiC JFET technologies, modulation techniques, integrated power electronics, power electronics for ships and for aerospace, modeling, simulation and control of power electronics, DC-DC, DC‐AC, AC‐DC conversion, AC/AC matrix converters, multilevel converters, fault tolerant converters, high frequency links, soft switching techniques, active rectifiers, inverters, UPS, energy efficiency and storage, power electronics for smart grid, EMI and EMC issues.

2. Renewable Electric Energy Conversion, Processing and Storage. Santiago Verne, Argentina; Giovanni Spagnuolo, Italy, Cassiano Rech, Brasil, Marta Molinas, Norway

Wind, solar, and wave energy converters, nano, pico and micro‐hydro power generators, integrated renewable systems, fuel cells, advanced batteries, energy storage devices and systems, offshore underwater converters, energy harvesting.

3. Power Systems and Smart Grids. Ramón Blasco, Spain, Patricio Donato, Argentina; Tomislav Dragicevic, Denmark

Large and small hydro generators, energy transmission and distribution, HVDC Transmission, static VAR and harmonic compensations, FACTs, active and hybrid filtering, power quality devices, power management, modeling, simulation and control of power system, grid interconnection, distributed power generation, diagnostics, smart grid technologies, intelligent control systems, multi‐agent systems, global and constrained optimization, electricity market liberalization; power line communications.

4. Electrical Machines and Drives. Leila Parsa, USA; Antonio Marques Cardoso, Portugal; Guillermo Bossio, Argentina

Special machines and actuators, multiphase motors, AC motor drives control and applications, observers and sensorless methods, electrical machine design and modeling, thermal, noise and vibration issues in electrical machines, reliability, testing and diagnostics, fault detection in machines and drives, fault tolerant machines and drives, special application of machines and drives, HVAC, electrical drives for ships and for aerospace. Advanced techniques in real and off line simulation of industrial drives power system and electromechanical devices. Energy efficient electric machines.

5. Mechatronics and Robotics. Roberto Oboe, Italy ; Sehoon Oh, Korea; Vicente Mut, Argentina

Mechatronics systems, robotics, tele robotics and teleoperation, humanoid robots, multi‐robot systems, distributed collaborative systems, security & safety applications, human‐robot interface, vision‐based robots, autonomous mobile robots, intelligent transportation.

6. Transportation electrification. Fei Gao, France; Luis Silva, Argentina

Electric Propulsion, Automotive Applications, Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Transportation electrification, electric transportation, advanced traction control of electric vehicles and electric trains, power electronics for drive train, emerging charging technologies, charging infrastructure, modeling and simulation of vehicle systems, automotive electronics.

7. Control Systems and Applications. Gerardo Escobar, Mexico; Carolina Evangelista, Argentina, Julio Braslavsky, Australia;

Advanced control techniques, nonlinear and adaptive control, optimal and robust control, estimation and identification techniques, intelligent control, complex systems control, networked control, industrial control applications (e.g. smart grids, renewable energy systems, automotive, aerospace, shipping, biological systems, biomedical engineering, micro/nano systems).

8. Industrial Automation, Communication, Networking and Informatics, Stamatis Karnouskos, Germany; Paulo Leitao, Protugal, Juan Cousseau, Argentina

Building automation, factory automation and communications, flexible manufacturing systems, industrial vision, industrial agents, integrated systems and processes, distributed collaborative systems, human‐machine interfaces, security & safety applications, infrastructures for industrial informatics portable electronics, industrial applications of internet technologies, multimedia, wired and wireless communications, Energy efficiency in industry

 9. Signal and Image Processing and Computational Intelligence. Kanghyun Jo, Korea. Miguel Mayosky, Argentina, Carlos Muravchik, Argentina

Computer vision, virtual reality systems, industrial vision, virtual instrumentation, image & sound processing, digital signal processing, remote sensing, multimedia applications, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, industrial applications of intelligent controllers.

10. Sensors, Actuators and Micro‐/Nanotechnology. Mariano García Inza, Argentina; Stoyan Niatanov, Nederland; Carmen Aracil, Spain;

Intelligent sensors, actuators and multi‐sensor fusion, micro‐sensors and micro‐actuators, micronano technology, electronic instrumentation, micro‐electro‐mechanical systems (MEMS), RF systems integration, integrated optics and related technologies, polymer electronics, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, microfluidics, lab‐on‐chip devices and technologies, MOEMS, RF‐MEMS.

11. Electronic Systems‐on‐Chip & Embedded Systems. Eric Monmasson, France; Pedro Julián, Argentina

Real time simulation algorithms, DSP and FPGA technologies, microprocessor and FPGA based control, real time implementation and control, VHDL applications, embedded systems, real‐time distributed embedded systems, technologies for system design, electronic system on chip (SoC), design methodologies and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools.

12. Industrial Electronics and Education. Oscar Lucía, Spain, Alejandro Oliva, Argentina

Educational Tools, Continuous Learning, Educational Materials and Methods, Distance Learning, Information and Communication Technologies in Laboratories, University‐Industry Collaboration, remote e‐learning; internet applications; education and social networks; education and smart devices; sustainable development ICT aspects. Curriculum Design and delivery, Laboratory experiences, educational research, MOOCs for Industrial Technology Teaching.
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