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Computational Optimization and Applications
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Computational Optimization and Applications is a peer reviewed journal that is committed to timely publication of research and tutorial papers on the analysis and development of computational algorithms and modeling technology for optimization. Algorithms either for general classes of optimization problems or for more specific applied problems are of interest. Stochastic algorithms as well as deterministic algorithms will be considered. Papers that can provide both theoretical analysis, along with carefully designed computational experiments, are particularly welcome.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

    Large Scale Optimization,
    Unconstrained Optimization,
    Linear Programming,
    Quadratic Programming Complementarity Problems, and Variational Inequalities,
    Constrained Optimization,
    Nondifferentiable Optimization,
    Integer Programming,
    Combinatorial Optimization,
    Stochastic Optimization,
    Multiobjective Optimization,
    Network Optimization,
    Complexity Theory,
    Approximations and Error Analysis,
    Parametric Programming and Sensitivity Analysis,
    Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing, and Vector Processing,
    Software, Benchmarks, Numerical Experimentation and Comparisons,
    Modelling Languages and Systems for Optimization,
    Automatic Differentiation,
    Applications in Engineering, Finance, Optimal Control, Optimal Design, Operations Research,
    Transportation, Economics, Communications, Manufacturing, and Management Science.

Computational Optimization and Applications is published 9 times per year with distribution to librarians, researchers in optimization, and mathematical and computer scientists with a strong interest in the above topics. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies in order to publish papers of only the highest quality.

Please, visit the unique COAP Software Forum at for the following optimization software information:

    A decision tree,
    Test problems,
    Software associated with journal articles.

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