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AIEA 2022: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Electromechanical Automation
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Changsha, China
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Call For Papers
The 2022 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Electromechanical Automation (AIEA 2022) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:

1) Artifical Intelligence

 Intelligent Control 
 Machine learning 
 Modeling and identification 
 Artificial Intelligence in modelling and simulation 
 Artificial Intelligence in scheduling and optimization 
 Computer vision 
 Data mining
 Intelligent database systems  
 Evolutionary data mining
 Fuzzy systems for robotics 
 Fuzzy control and intelligent systems 
 Fuzzy optimization and design 
 Fuzzy pattern recognition 

2) Sensor  

 Sensor/Actuator Systems   
 Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks  
 Intelligent Sensor and Soft Sensor  
 Data Acquisition and Measurement Engineering  
 Virtual Instruments  
 Design on Measuring Electric Circuit   New Technology on Developing Sensor 
3) Control Theory And Application 

 Control System Modeling 
 Intelligent Optimization Algorithm And Application  
 Man-Machine Interactions  
 Instrumentation Systems
 Process Control 
 Manufacturing Process   
 Network Control 
 Automotive Control Systems
 Autonomous Vehicles  
 Transport Control Theory And Methodologies  
 System Engineering Theory and Practice  
 Robotics and related fields 

4) Material science and Technology in Manufacturing  

 Atificial Material 
 Forming and Joining   
 Novel Material Fabrication  
 Green Manufacturing  
 Design and Manufacturing of Composite Components   Surface Science and Engineering  
 Quality Control of Manufacturing Systems  

5) Mechanic Manufacturing System and Automation 

 Manufacturing Process Simulation 
 CIMS and Manufacturing System  
 Mechanical and Liquid Flow Dynamic  
 Vibration Measuring and Reliability Analysis  
 Finite Element Analysis and structure optimization  
 Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Theory  
 Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics  
 Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System  
 Industrial Automation,  
 Electric Automation  

6) Other Related Research 
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