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MSST 2017 : IEEE Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies
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Santa Clara, California, USA
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The 32nd International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST 2016) will be held, once again, on the beautiful campus of Santa Clara University, in the heart of Silicon Valley,  April  30 -May  6th,  2016,  offering  a  full  week  dedicated  to  storage  technology.  As  on previous  occasions,  the  conference  will  include  three tutorial  days,  two  days  of  selected  and 
invited presentations, two days of peer-reviewed research papers, and a Vendor Exhibition.

Presentations (May 3 -4, 2016)

The  Program  Committee  requests  presentation  proposals  on  issues  in  designing,  building, maintaining,  and  migrating  large-scale  systems  that  implement  databases  and  other  kinds of large,  typically  persistent,  web-scale  stores  (HSM,  NoSQL, key-value  stores,  etc.),  and archives at  scales  of  tens  of  petabytes to  exabytes  and  beyond.  Potential  presentation  topics include but are not limited to:

 Web-scale,  corporate,  and  exa-scale  HPC  storage  systems  in  the 10+  Petabyte  to Exabyte and beyond size, which may require high-bandwidth or transactional access, and which may require rapid growth and occasional wholesale data migration;
 Archive design and implementation for large and/or long-lived stores;
 Issues around hardware or software components (e.g., media such as disk, tape, or flash; NoSQL databases; open source clustering tools, etc.) that relate to designing very large scale storage systems.
During the 2015 MSST presentation track, sessions included the following:
 Workflows for data-intensive research;
 Disk versus tape for long-term archives;
 FLASH in integrated, scalable systems;
 State-of-the-art in high performance computing data centers;
 Challenges in building scalable systems for enterprise IT;
 Scalable object stores
 Scalability limits for converged platforms

Submit presentation proposals through our contact page at:

Research Papers (May 5 -6, 2016)

The  Program  Committee  (Research  Track)  requests  the  submission  of  research  papers  on  the implementation, design, and analysis of file and storage systems. Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

 Exascale storage architecture and design
 Parallel and distributed file systems
 Designs of integrating parallel programming and distributed storage systems
 Scalable metadata management
 Techniques for building extremely scalable and distributed storage systems
 Cloud storage systems and global-scale storage
 Performance modeling and analysis of storage systems
 Experiences with real-world systems and data storage challenges
 Data protection and recovery
 Data archiving
 Data compression and deduplication
 Long-term data preservation and management
 Storage for virtualized environments
 Storage security, privacy, and provenance
 Disk and flash based primary and cold storage systems
 File systems for shingled magnetic recording hard disk drives
 File systems for solid state disk drives
 Tiered storage
 Storage virtualization
 Networked storage architectures
 New storage APIs: object storage, key-value stores, and others
 I/O stacks for low-latency storage devices
 Phase change memory based storage class memory devices and systems
 Storage solutions usability and consumability

As  is  traditional,  MSST  will  solicit  short  (4-6  pages)  and  full  (8-14pp)  papers.  References  are  not included in page counts. MSST uses IEEE conference paper format: two-column US letter pages with 10-point fonts. The template and format details are available at:
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