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5GWF 2020: IEEE 5G World Forum
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Bangalore, India
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Call For Papers
Original, innovative and high quality papers are solicited in the following technical topics of interest, but are not limited to:

Technical Paper Submissions

    Track 1: 5G Technologies: EDAS link
    Track 2: 5G Application and Services: EDAS link
    Track 3: 5G & IoT: EDAS link
    Track 4: 5G Security and Privacy: EDAS link
    Track 5: 5G Trials, Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios: EDAS link
    Track 6: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements: EDAS link
    Track 7: 5G Special Verticals: EDAS link
    Track 8: 5G Special Topicals: EDAS link

Proposals for sessions and events of general interest and relevance to 5G will be considered. These should address the Technical Community and/or provide educational or expository material or recognition of significant contributions to the advancement of 5G technologies.

Workshop and Special Session Proposal Submissions: EDAS link
Tutorial Proposal Submissions: EDAS link
Industry Forum Panel proposal submissions: EDAS link

Details of each submission are enumerated as follows:

Technical Paper Submissions

Track 1:5G Technologies

    5G New Radio (NR) specification
    Flexible and programmable RAN
    Cloud-RAN, functional split
    5G Ultra large Cell technologies
    5G Small Cell Technologies
    Network Slicing
    Multi-service architectures
    5G wireless technologies
    Cloud-based 5G mobile architectures
    5G Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
    Software Defined Networking (SDN) for 5G
    Spectrum utilization and sharing
    Massive MIMO Communications
    Free Space Optical
    Dynamic Beamforming techniques
    Multicast / Broadcast in 5G
    Convergence of RAN and Core Network
    Novel mobility management
    Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
    Resource (network, relay, cloud-computing, etc.) management techniques in 5G Wireless
    Device-to-Device Communications and networking
    Cognitive spectrum access
    X-haul transport network
    Self-backhaul / integrated access networks
    Energy efficient network design and protocols for 5G
    QoE/QoS management over 5G
    Dynamic QoS framework as an enabler for disruptive use cases and services
    Network and protocol interoperability in 5G Wireless Networks
    Heterogeneous cells and communications
    Millimeter wave communications
    Coordinated and small-scale cell communications
    Machine learning and adaptive techniques for 5G
    Ultra-reliability and low-latency in 5G
    5G and AI

Track 2: 5G Applications and Services

    Smart Cities, Smart Public Places
    Smart Home, and 5G-based Building Automation
    Smart Agriculture and Water Management
    Cyber-physical systems, Context Awareness, Situation Awareness, Ambient Intelligence
    Collaborative Applications and Systems
    Service Experiences and Analysis
    5G and cloud services 
    Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, Rural Services and Production
    5G Wireless Networks for body sensors
    Crowd-sensing, human centric sensing
    Big data and 5G Data Analytics
    Internet Applications Naming and Identifiers
    Social-aware 5G networks
    ndustry of the future, e.g., Industry 4.0
    Semantic Technologies, Collective Intelligence
    Cognitive and Reasoning about Things and Smart Objects
    Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) and 5G
    Horizontal application development for 5G
    Design principles and best practices for 5G application development
    Open Communities, Open API, Open Source

Vertical Oriented Applications

    Healthcare, e-Health, Assisted Living
    Building Management and Operation Automation
    Environmental Monitoring
    Connected Car, Automotive
    Intelligent Transport
    Aerospace and Defense
    Smart Grid, Energy Management
    Utilities Management and Operation
    Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, Rural Services
    Mining, Oil & Gas, Digital Oilfield, Electronic Oilfield
    Agriculture, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retailing
    Logistics, Entertainment
    Large Event Management
    Industrial Service Creation and Management
    Financial Services
    Health of Machinery
    Highway, Rail Systems
    Industry of the Future, e.g., Industry 4.0
    Media & Entertainment

Track 3: 5G and IoT

    Architecture of IoT in 5G networks
    Software defined solutions for IoT
    Energy efficiency and energy harvesting in IoT
    Cooperative and smart sensing techniques
    Channel characteristics and modeling with dense and sparsely populated sensors
    Terminal intelligence and light weight sensors
    Data collection, processing, aggregation, and communication
    Efficient resource allocation schemes, QoS, and QoE in IoT
    Co-existence and device inter-operability of sensors with 5G networks
    Integrated D2D communication techniques for 5G networks
    Self-organization and self-healing of IoT networks
    Data processing and anomaly detection for IoT networks
    Cross-layer design and optimization in IoT
    Relay, multi-hop, and cooperative communication in IoT
    Ubiquitous communication, routing protocols, and network selection in IoT
    Machine-type communications in 5G systems
    Emerging IoT applications in 5G networks
    Security issues and solutions for IoT in 5G networks
    Sensor deployment, placement, control and management issues
    Experimental results, prototypes and testbeds using sensors for 5G technologies

Track 4: 5G Security and Privacy               

    5G and Blockchain
    5G Privacy and Security Concerns
    Identification and Authentication Issues
    Intrusion Detection in 5G
    Cryptography, Key Management, Authentication and Authorization for 5G
    Cross-layer Attacks in 5G
    Security with QoS Optimization in 5G
    Privacy based Channel Access in 5G
    5G Forensic Science
    Big Data and Information Integrity in 5G
    Communication Security in 5G
    Security Standards in 5G
    Open Communities, Open API, Open Source

Track 5: 5G Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios  

    Closing the Gap between Research and Implementation
    Experimental prototypes, Test-Bed and Field Trial Experiences
    Multi-Objective 5G System Modelling and Analysis—Performance, Energy, Reliability, Robustness
    5G Interconnections Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference
    Real case deployment scenarios and results
    5G deployment at Government and ISPs
    5G deployment on agriculture, retails, smart cities, etc.
    5G Interconnections among ISPs Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference management
    Gap Analysis for real deployments
    5G and Future Internet architectures
    Standardization and Regulation

Track 6: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements

    Massive MIMO, MU-MIMO, Multi-RAT system architectures
    Reconfigurable and switching wireless network topologies
    RF beamforming, digital beamforming and hybrid beamforming architectures
    Beam steering and phased arrays
    Antenna system architectures
    5G Radio designs
    RFIC and CMOS technologies and architectures for 5G
    RF, PA, PLL, Source, phase shifting, ADC/DAC/Modem blocks Full-Duplex and STAR architectures and evaluation methods
    RF blockers and interference cancelers
    Test and measurement over entire 5G ecosystem.
    Multi-standard coverage and measurement approaches
    Antennas and Massive MIMO OTA tests
    Array timing and synchronization
    Channel measurements and modeling
    Radio measurements at microwave and mm-waves
    Signal characterization
    5G device/component level testing;
    mmWave Material, transistor and nonlinear device measurements
    Terahertz (6G)

Track 7: 5G Special Verticals
    Tactile Internet
    Smart factories and Industry 4.0
    Automotive, Intelligent Transport
    5G & Autonomous Driving
    Industrial 5G Service Creation and Management Aspects
    Smart Grid, Energy Management
    5G-based Supply Chains & Logistics
    5G Wireless Networks for the Industrial Internet of Things
    E-Health and mobile health over 5G networks

Track 8: 5G Special Topicals    
Policy & Regulation

    Policy and Regulations
    5G Spectrum
    Best Practices, Standards, and Open Source
    Technical enforcement of legal 5G regulations, service level agreements, mutual legal assistance requests, etc.
    Privacy and security in 5G Internet of Things: data sharing, threats, liability, audit and compliance concerns for cloud-supported 5G, fog and edge computing

5G Standardization
    ITU-T IMT2020 Spectrum standardization
    IEEE 5G standardization
    3GPP 5G standardization
    ITU-T 5G standardization
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