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MMS 2016: International Conference on Mechanics and Material Science
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2016-10-14 Extended
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Guangzhou, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
1. Mechatronics and Automation
Intelligent mechatronics
Robotics, biomimetics ,automation and control systems
Opto-electronic elements and Materials
Laser technology and laser processing
Elements structures, mechanisms and applications of micro and nano systems
Teleoperation, telerobotics, haptics and teleoperated semi-autonomous systems
Sensor design,multi-sensor data fusion algorithms
Wireless sensor networks
Biomedical and rehabilitation engineering prosthetics and artificial organs
Control system modeling
Simulation techniques and methodologies
AI, intelligent control, neuro-control, fuzzy control and their applications
Industrial automation, process control, manufacturing process and automation

2. Materials Science and Engineering
Metallic Alloys
Tool Materials
Superplastic Materials
Ceramics and Glasses
Amorphous Materials
Multifunctional Materials
Smart Materials
Engineering Polymers
Functional materials
Nuclear fuel materials
Biomaterals, sensors and surfaces
Thin Film Chalcogenide Photovoltaic Materials
Nuclear Materials
Magnetic Materials
Multi Functional Magnetic Materials
Superconducting Materials
Structured Materials
Spintronics Materials and Devices
Hard/Soft Magnetic Materials
Crosscutting materials

3. Materials Properties, Measuring Methods and Applications
Crack Resistance
Fracture Mechanics
Mechanical Properties
Electrical Properties and Magnetic Properties
Corrosion, Erosion, Wear Resistance
Non-Destructive Testing
Reliability Assessment
Working Properties of Materials and Products
Large Scale Applications
Lectronics Applications
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