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ISIE 2019: International Symposium on Industrial Electronics
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2019-02-15 Extended
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Vancouver, Canada
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Welcome to the 28th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE), held Wednesday through Friday, 12–15 June 2019, at Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, Vancouver, Canada. Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront is one of Vancouver’s most stunning downtown venues with breathtaking views of Coal Harbour and the North Shore mountains.

The ISIE annually gathers together Industry experts, researchers and academics to share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs, innovative solutions, research results, as well as initiatives related to industrial electronics and their applications. Several well-known academic and industrial experts will deliver the plenary and keynote talks.

It is a great opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, find new ones and attend many high-quality technical activities as well as very enjoyable social ones. We hope 2019 ISIE will be a remarkable and unforgettable event.

Technical Tracks Topics

Technical Tracks

Power Systems and Smart Grid
Power Systems, Transmission, Power Quality, Utility Applications, Smart Grid
Pierluigi Siano (Italy), Stanimir Valtchev (Portugal), Mingxi Liu (USA)

Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives
AC/DC Motor Drives, Electrical Machines Design/Modelling, Thermal/Vibrations Issues
Franck Betin (France), Andrea Cavagnino (Italy), Leila Parsa (USA)

Control Systems and Applications
Advanced Control Systems, Motion Control, Data Driven Control and Monitoring
Michael Ruderman (Norway), Zhenwei Cao (Australia), Jiahu Qin (China)

Power Electronics and Energy Conversion
Power Electronics Modelling, Simulation, Design, Control, DC/DC Conversion, AC/AC Converters, Rectifiers, Inverters, PWM Systems
Haitham Abu-Rub (Qatar), Seddik Bacha (France), Chandan Chakraborty (India), Fang Fang (China)

Renewable Electric Energy Conversion, Processing and Storage
Wind Energy, Photovoltaics, Hydro-Power, Battery Technologies, Fuel Cells, Energy Storage Technologies
Concettina Buccella (Italy), Chengbin Ma (China), Xinbo Ruan (China)

Mechatronics and Robotics
Mechatronics, Robotics, Human-Machine Interface Technology, Control of Linear and Non-linear Systems, Adaptive, Robust and Variable Structure Control
Yasuharu Kunii (Japan), Peter Korondi (Hungary), Toshiyuki Murakami (Japan), Kang-Hyun Jo (South Korea)

Distributed and Networked Control Systems for Industrial Applications
Distributed Event-Triggered Filtering and Control, Communication Protocol and Control, Distributed Network-Based Leader-Following Consensus, Network-Based Tracking Control, Sampled-Data Control and Filtering
Wangli He (China), Huazhen Fang (USA), Feng Xiao (China)

Industrial Informatics and Cloud Computing
Industrial Control and Computing Paradigms, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Industrial Network Design, Cloud Computing, Cyber and Network Security
Gerhard Petrus Hancke (Hong Kong), Mikael Gidlund (Sweden), Valeriy Vyatkin (Finland), Wing Kuen Ling (China)   

Factory Automation and Industrial Informatics
Remote Sensing, Process Automation, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Agents, Factory Automation, Safety and Reliability
Johan Akerberg (Sweden), Lucia Lo Bello (Italy), Stamatis Karnouskos (Germany)

Electronic Systems-on-Chip & Embedded Systems
Microelectronics, HDL or High Level Language Hardware Design, System-on-chip Design, FPGAs, Embedded Systems
Michael Hilairet (France), Marc Perron (Canada), Carmen Aracil (Spain), Eric Monmasson (France), Ray Cheung (Hong Kong)

Computational Intelligence
Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Image Processing
Kang-Hyun Jo (South Korea), Wei He (China), Chao Shen (Canada)

Sensors, Actuators and Micro-/Nanotechnology
Sensors, Signal/, Audio / Video Applications, Networking Applications, Communication Systems, Measurements & Data Acquisition, Nanoelectronics, MEMS
Sehoon Oh (South Korea), Yasutaka Fujimoto (Japan), Peter Xu (New Zealand), Aleksander Malinowski (USA)

Automotive Technology
Electric Propulsion, Automotive Applications, Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Hui Zhang (China), Dongpu Cao (Canada), Fei Gao (France)

Building Automation, Control and Management
Intelligent Environment, Building Management, Building Automation
Jan Haase (Germany), Joern Ploennigs (Ireland), Kim Fund Tsang (Hong Kong)

Engineering Education
Educational Tools, Continuous Learning, Educational Materials and Methods, Distance Learning, Information and Communication Technologies in Laboratories, University-Industry Collaboration
Oscar Lucía (Spain), Joao Martins (Portugal), Andreja Rojko (Germany), Li Qiu (China)

Entrepreneurship and Management – Challenges for Industrial Electronics
Michael Condry (USA), Robert Bierwolf (Netherlands)

Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
Armando Walter Colombo (Germany), Huiping Li (China), Jose Lastra (Finland)
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