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ICGEC 2015: International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computing
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Yangon, Myanmar
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Paper acceptance and publication will be judged on the basis of their relevance to the conference themes, clarity of presentation, originality and accuracy of results and proposed solutions. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Track I: Genetic Computing I
Genetic Algorithm & Programming
Generative and Developmental Systems
Genetics-Based Machine Learning and Learning Classifier Systems Empirical studies of genetic programming performance and behavior Hybrid architectures including genetic programming components

Track II: Evolutionary Computing
Evolutionary Design & Application
Evolutionary of tree or graph structures
Evolutionary of various classes of automata or machine Evolutionary Combinatorial & Multi-Objective Optimization Evolutionary Strategies, Evolutionary Programming Evolutionary Scheduling and Routing
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Track III: Intelligent Computing
Swarm Intelligence and Optimization
Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence Artificial Immune Systems
Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems Intelligent Information Fusion and Data Mining Intelligent Database Systems
Knowledge Discovery and Management
Neural Networks and its Applications
Pattern Recognition and Self-Adaptation Techniques Intelligent Computer Vision & Scientific Visualization

Track IV: Grid Computing
Grid Resource Management and Task Schedule Grid Trust and Security
Distributed and Parallel Computing Distributed Intelligent Processing
Peer-to-Peer Architecture

Track V: Genetic Computing II
Image and Video Processing Signal Processing
Other Applications

Track VI: Big Data and Technological Computing
Big Data Analysis and Topological Innovation Quantum Computing
Computing in Social Network Platforms Computing in Medical Informatics Computational Engineering and Applications
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