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ICWE 2017 : International Conference on Web Engineering
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Rome, Italy
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The International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE), is the prime yearly international conference on the different aspects of designing, building, maintaining and using Web applications. ICWE is supported by the International Society for the Web Engineering (ISWE), and brings together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines in academia and industry to tackle the emerging challenges in the engineering of Web applications and in the problems of its associated technologies, as well as the impact of those technologies on society and culture.

ICWE 2017 will be held on June 5-8, 2017, in Rome, Italy. It is the 17th edition of the conference.


ICWE aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines in academia and industry to tackle the emerging challenges in the engineering of Web applications and in the problems of its associated technologies, as well as the impact of those technologies on society, media and culture. The conference will be held at the Department of Engineering of Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy and it is the country's largest and most populated comune and fourth-most populous city in the European Union by population within city limits. It is one of the most important hubs in Italy and host to several leading universities. The 17th edition of ICWE will accept contributions related to different dimensions of Web applications:

    Web application modeling and engineering
    Human computation and crowdsourcing applications
    Web applications composition and mashup
    Social Web applications
    Semantic Web applications
    Web of Things applications
    Big Data

We invite authors to submit high quality contributions describing significant, original, and unpublished results in the following topics:

    Semantic Web
        (Big) Linked Data Application and Mashup Engineering
        Access Control for the Semantic Web: provenance, security, privacy, and rights management
        Analysis, Mining and visualization of Linked Data
        Cloud computing for the Semantic Web
        Creation and management of Linked Data vocabularies
        Data quality and data trustworthiness
        Frameworks and infrastructures for building Semantic Web applications
        Information Systems Architecture for Semantic Web
        Linked Data publishing & consumption frameworks
        Linking of data and artefacts in the software development lifecycle
        Methodologies for parallel software and data engineering of Web-scale information systems
        Mobile Semantic Web applications
        Semantically enabled social platforms and applications: wikis, forums, portals, blogs and microblogs, etc.
        Stream computation for the Semantic Web
        Usability of Semantic Web applications
    Web of Things
        Applications, Use cases, and Experiences with Web of Things systems
        Cloud platforms and services for the Web of Things
        Context recognition methods (e.g. activity recognition, social-context recognition) with Web Of Things technology
        Design methods, architectures, and computational models for Web of Things systems
        Integrating and exploiting novel sources of (social) data from Web of Things devices (e.g. home sensors, wearable sensors, smart textile technologies, etc.)
        Security, privacy, access control, and sharing of physical things on the Web
        Semantic Web and the Web of Things
        Social interactions and behavior analysis for Web of Things applications fields
        Social Web and the Web of Things
        Web-based discovery, search, composition, and physical mashups
    Web application modeling and engineering
        Analytical approaches for engineering Web applications
        Conceptual modeling
        Design patterns and architectural patterns for Web applications
        Distributed Web user interfaces
        Domain-specific languages
        Executable models
        Model federation, transformation and analysis
        Model-driven engineering frameworks, methods, processes and tools
        Processes and methods for engineering Web applications
        Reverse engineering and re-engineering of Web applications
        Web content modeling, management and evolution
        Web service engineering
        Web user interface design for novel interaction paradigms
    Crowdsourcing and Human Computation
        Crowd engagement and activation strategies
        Crowd search and Crowd sensing
        Crowd workflow definition and management
        Design of collective intelligence and crowdsourcing applications
        Efficiency of hybrid-human machine systems
        Human computation and crowdsourcing task design
        Niche-sourcing and expert-sourcing in social platforms
        Methods for quality assurance in crowdsourcing and human computation tasks
        Optimization methods for crowdsourcing and human computation campaigns and workflows
        Use cases and experiences with human computing and crowdsourcing applications
        Task search in crowdsourcing platforms
        Visualization and Quality of Experience in/for human computation and crowdsourcing tasks
    Web Composition and Mashup
        Benchmarks for mashup tool performance and expressiveness
        Cloud integration
        Domain-specific mashup approaches
        End-user programming for mashup development
        Inter-organizational Web applications: Mashups within enterprises and across enterprises
        Lightweight data, application, and UI integration
        Mashup development and end-user Web programming
        Mashup evolution
        Mashup quality assessment
        Mashups of Linked Data services
        Mobile mashups
        Model-driven mashup engineering
        Semantic Web services for automatic service composition
        Visual and non-visual mashup development metaphors and approaches
        Web composition models, languages and technologies
    Social Web
        Analysis, structure, and dynamics of social networks
        Community discovery and link prediction
        Content customization and adaptation on/using the Social Web
        Multilingual aspects of the Social Web
        Privacy, security, reputation, and trust management on the Social Web
        Query languages for the Social Web
        Social applications in enterprise environments
        Social applications of the semantic and mobile Web
        Social Web applications interoperability
        Social Web mining and search
        Social Web systems design, architectures, and computational models
        User generated content and recommender systems
        User modeling for/using the Social Web
    Big Data
        Foundational Models for Big Data
        Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing
        Big Data Analytics and Metrics
        Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data
        Big Data as a Service
        Big Data Open Platforms
        Big Data Persistence and Preservation
        Big Data Quality and Provenance Control
        Big Data Storage and Retrieval
        Big Data Service Performance Evaluation
        Big Data Service Reliability and Availability
        Real-Time Big Data Services
        Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
        Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
        Machine learning based on Big Data
        Visualization Analytics for Big Data
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