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CCF: Journal Rank (A, B, C) from China Computer Federation (2019)
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CCFShortFull NameImpact FactorPublisherISSNViewed
RA-LIEEE Robotics and Automation LettersIEEE2377-376612597
 Digital Communications and Networks6.797Elsevier2352-864812595
c Fuzzy Sets and Systems3.343Elsevier0165-011412581
aSICOMPSIAM Journal on Computing SIAM0097-539712541
 Big Data Research3.578Elsevier2214-579612541
TOMMACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and ApplicationsACM1551-685712528
cDAMDiscrete Applied Mathematics1.139Elsevier0166-218X12488
cCLComputer Languages, Systems and Structures0.915Elsevier1477-842412475
aTODSACM Transactions on Database Systems ACM0362-591512461
TGCNIEEE Transactions on Green Communications and NetworkingIEEE2473-240012452
CSEIJComputer Science & Engineering: An International Journal AIRCC2231-358312434
TSASACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and SystemsACM2374-035312421
 Microelectronics Reliability1.589Elsevier0026-271412411
 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering6.756Elsevier0045-782512408
 IET Computers and Digital Techniques0.484IET1751-860112397
IJISTInternational Journal of Information Sciences and Techniques AIRCC2319-409X12390
b Machine Learning2.940Springer0885-612512355
 Computers & Fluids3.013Elsevier0045-793012323
 Microelectronic Engineering2.523Elsevier0167-931712307
 Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence0.358Springer1012-244312236
cDPDDistributed and Parallel Databases1.500Elsevier0926-878212214
JSEEJournal of Systems Engineering and Electronics Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information1004-413212198
bCAGDComputer Aided Geometric Design1.382Elsevier0167-839612172
JEJournal of EngineeringHindawi2314-490412155
JCSEJournal of Control Science and EngineeringHindawi1687-524912147
b PLoS Computational Biology Public Library of Science1553-734X12119
IJCGAInternational Journal of Computer Graphics & Animation AIRCC2231-359112109
 International Journal of Automation and Computing Springer1476-818612103
 Statistical Analysis and Data Mining John Wiley & Sons, Ltd1932-187212099
Displaying 271-300 of 1094 results.
Full NameImpact FactorViewed
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters12597
Digital Communications and Networks6.79712595
Fuzzy Sets and Systems3.34312581
SIAM Journal on Computing 12541
Big Data Research3.57812541
ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications12528
Discrete Applied Mathematics1.13912488
Computer Languages, Systems and Structures0.91512475
ACM Transactions on Database Systems 12461
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking12452
Computer Science & Engineering: An International Journal 12434
ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems12421
Microelectronics Reliability1.58912411
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering6.75612408
IET Computers and Digital Techniques0.48412397
International Journal of Information Sciences and Techniques 12390
Machine Learning2.94012355
Computers & Fluids3.01312323
Microelectronic Engineering2.52312307
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence0.35812236
Distributed and Parallel Databases1.50012214
Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics 12198
Computer Aided Geometric Design1.38212172
Journal of Engineering12155
Journal of Control Science and Engineering12147
PLoS Computational Biology 12119
International Journal of Computer Graphics & Animation 12109
International Journal of Automation and Computing 12103
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 12099