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Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications
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The Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications is committed to publishing meticulously chosen, high-quality papers encompassing a range of contributions, including research papers, invited papers, survey papers, and technical notes. The content of the journal revolves around mathematical optimization techniques, computational methodologies of optimization algorithms, and their diverse applications in science, engineering, and business.

Theoretical domains covered in the journal include linear, nonlinear, conic, stochastic, discrete, and dynamic optimization, multiobjective optimization, optimal control, as well as variational and convex analysis. Application areas span mathematical economics, mathematical physics and biology, and various branches of engineering, including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. The journal encourages submissions in recent, emerging, and novel areas of optimization, such as machine/deep learning, artificial intelligence,  service systems optimization, and quantum computing optimization.

The Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications embraces a comprehensive approach, particularly embracing the application of rigorous optimization techniques in solving high impact problems. It provides a platform for book notices, and forums – the latter being concise papers facilitating comments on published works, discussions on open problems, and exploration of research perspectives. Through this diverse range of contributions, the journal aims to advance optimization sciences and their applications in various scientific and engineering domains.
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Special Issues
Special Issue on New Trends in Control Theory
Submission Date: 2024-08-15

The scope of this Special Issue is to commemorate our colleague Andrea Bacciotti, from Politecnico di Torino (Italy), who untimely passed away in summer 2022. The research of Andrea Bacciotti focused mainly on the study of stability and of the stabilization of Control Systems giving a big contribution to the field. He also contributed to the study of global and local controllability and he had national and international collaboration. Andrea was also devoted Scholar who did welcome and encouraged many young people. For this Special Issue we thus asked for the contribution of some of his former students and collaborators, as well as people of the broader Control community. If the Special Issue we are proposing is accepted, we plan to circulate a call for papers among a wider circle of active researchers mostly but not exclusively in the field of nonlinear control systems.
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Special Issue on SI: Computational Optimization
Submission Date: 2024-09-16

Computational optimization plays a pivotal role in contemporary artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, becoming an essential tool for enhancing the efficiency and performance of these systems. As the volume of data and the complexity of AI algorithms continue to grow, the ability to optimally allocate computational resources, minimize processing time and energy consumption, and improve the quality of modeling and predictions becomes critically important. Therefore, investigating and developing new methods of computational optimization directly impacts the pace of scientific progress in the AI field and facilitates the broader implementation of artificial intelligence technologies across various aspects of life.
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Special Issue on Generalized Convexity, Monotonicity, Variational Analysis and Applications
Submission Date: 2025-03-31

In recent decades, researchers have increasingly tackled with optimization challenges that defy resolution through conventional convex or monotonic frameworks, in view of applications in science, engineering and other disciplines. Consequently, novel methodologies are emerging in nonsmooth, variational, and convex analysis. This special issue aims to publish original high-quality papers centered around the broad area of convexity, monotonicity and their extensions, and variational analysis, in and beyond optimization. Thus, it sheds new light on classical results and opens new approaches to face ‘‘nonconvex problems’’ in both theoretical and practical scenarios. Some of the papers collected in the special issue will be presented at the XIV International Symposium on Generalized Convexity and Monotonicity, to be held on September 2-6, 2024, in Pisa, Italy. So that, other researchers working in the area will also be welcome to contribute. Contributions may include, but are not limited to the following topics: * Algorithms for fixed point, (quasi-) variational inequality and optimization problems; * Quadratic optimization problems; * (Quasi-) Variational inequalities, equilibrium problems and related topics; * Robust optimization; * Set optimization; * Vector optimization. Timing: Submission deadline: March 31, 2025 Targeted Publication Date: December 2025
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