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Displays is the international journal covering the research, development and application of displays technology and its effective presentation of visual information. Technical papers on practical developments in displays technology provide an effective channel to promote greater understanding and cross-fertilization across the diverse disciplines of the displays community. Tutorial papers covering fundamentals intended for display technologists and human factors engineers new to the field will also occasionally be featured.

Coverage includes:
Technology: display devices, display materials, display electronics, image characteristics, technical aspects of multimedia, 3-D displays and virtual environments, auditory and tactile displays, colour, filters, printers.

Human Factors: user psychology and human-computer interaction, applied vision, work with display units, measurements of visual performance, colour appearance, colour reproduction and coding, graphical user-interface design, presentation of information, measurement of display artefacts, user-centred measures of image quality, image processing, input, output and interactive devices, user interfaces for multimedia systems, virtual environments, 3-D computer graphic design and animation, human factors for disabled persons, design standards and guidelines, auditory and tactile displays.
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Special Issues
Special Issue on 3D data computation and visualization
Submission Date: 2021-07-30

Three-dimensional (3D) data provide richer information than 2D descriptions, giving 3D imaging and display significant advantages and potential in a wide range of applications, such as autonomous driving, medical imaging, smart home, smart cities, and smartphones. Recent years have witnessed rapid progress in 3D data acquisition, computation, and display with the boost from innovative computer vision, machine learning, and sensor technologies. In particular, the recent development of deep neural networks, attention mechanisms, and Transformer architectures have greatly benefited research in this area, leading to significantly improved performance and wide adoption of 3D imaging and display technology in real-world applications. This research area has also attracted many researchers, practitioners, institutions, universities, and companies. Nevertheless, along with the opportunities are new challenges in 3D data computation and visualization. New methods and applications are yet to be developed in the core research topics of the area, for example, stereo vision, 3D reconstruction, 3D image processing, autostereoscopic 3D, and stereoscopic 3D. In this special issue, we invite academic and industrial research communities to submit their original research and review articles. We aim to bring together new research findings and opinions in this area. The topics of this special issue include, but are not limited to: 3D image processing 3D reconstruction Shape recognition and analysis Depth estimation Stereo matching Multi-view stereo 3D visualization 3D visual enhancement 3D sensor image acquisition, fusion and display 3D graphic display Holographic 3D display The proposed schedule is given below: Call for papers: March 01, 2021 Paper submission deadline: July 30, 2021 First review: March 15, 2021 Revisions due: Aug 15, 2021 Final decisions: September 30, 2021 Tentative publication date: October 15, 2021 Guest Editors Prof. Xiao Bai, School of Computer Science, Beihang University, China, Dr. Xin Ning, Laboratory of Artificial Neural Networks and High-speed Circuits, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, A/Prof. Jun Zhou, School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, Dr. Chen Wang, School of Computer Science, Beihang University,
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Special Issue on AR/VR Displays
Submission Date: 2021-07-30

Introductory Text In recent years, the concepts of augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) have been going viral among both the academia and industry, kickstarting a new wave of innovations. In the wake of this momentum, we are launching a special issue to fuel the iterations of display technologies for AR/VR. This special issue is aimed to brainstorm ideas towards the hottest theoretical/engineering issues that have been bothering the community. Problem-oriented full-length/short-communication articles as well as the all-encompassing review articles are solicited. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): Increase of field of view Expansion of exit pupil Miniaturization of optical components/systems Occlusion between real and virtual objects 3-dimensional registration of real and virtual objects Integration of prescription/vision correction Mitigation of vergence-accommodation conflict Foveated imaging/rendering Achromatic/wide-angle/high-efficiency/tunable diffractive/holographic optical elements, metasurfaces, metalenses, etc. Metrology/measurement/benchmark/standardization Ergonomics/human factors Emerging concepts/technologies, e.g. electronic contact lenses, artificial retina, bionic eye, brain-computer interface, etc. Important Dates Manuscript submission: July 30, 2021 First-round peer review: August 30, 2021 First-round manuscript revision: September 15, 2021 Second-round peer review: September 25, 2021 Second-round manuscript revision: October 10, 2021 Final acceptance notification: October 20, 2021 Guest Editor Prof. Chao Ping Chen Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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