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IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine (T-ITB)
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J-BHI publishes original papers describing recent advances in the field of biomedical and health informatics where information and communication technologies intersect with health, healthcare, life sciences and biomedicine. Papers must contain original content in theoretical analysis, methods, technical development, and/or novel clinical applications of information systems.

Topics covered by J-BHI include but are not limited to: acquisition, transmission, storage, retrieval, management, processing and analysis of biomedical and health information; applications of information and communication technologies in the practice of healthcare, public health, patient monitoring, preventive care, early diagnosis of diseases, discovery of new therapies, and patient specific treatment protocols leading to improved outcomes; and the integration of electronic medical and health records, methods of longitudinal data analysis, data mining and discovery tools.

Manuscripts may deal with these applications and their integration, such as clinical information systems, decision support systems, medical and biological imaging informatics, wearable systems, body area/senor networks, informatics in biological and physiological systems, personalized and pervasive health technologies (u-, p-, m- and e-Health), telemedicine, home healthcare and wellness management. Topics related to integration include interoperability, protocol-based patient care, evidence-based medicine, and methods of secure patient data.

    pervasive healthcare, wellness management utilising, e.g., ubiquitous computing, smart environments, embedded and wearable sensors.
    electronic health record, interoperability, connectivity, semantics, syntax, vocabulary, terminology, ontologies, standards, EBM, clinical guidelines/pathways, protocols.
    regional and community health information networks, hospital information systems and clinical information systems, including PACS and disease management systems.
    wireless communication and mobility, PDA’s, anytime anywhere access to information.
    human computer interfacing and usability engineering.
    collaborative technologies in health care delivery, including telemedicine.
    intelligent interpretation of health data, decision support systems, computer assisted, remote guidance and virtual reality applications in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
    visualization and biomedical imaging technologies.
    privacy, security, trust, PKI, smart card technology.
    architectures, component based approaches based on e.g. UML and MDA.
    Internet, semantic web, peer-to-peer computing, W3C in biomedical applications, GRID computing in biomedicine.
    bioinformatics, e.g. database structures & 3-D modeling, pattern matching, algorithms (neural, intelligent, proteomics and microarray technologies).
    systems biology, computational biology, including e.g. organ level modeling and visualization activities like physiome and beating heart.
    Bio-IT, e.g. biologically inspired robotics and artefacts including adaptive artefacts.
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