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ICITST 2022: International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions
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2022-09-30 Extended
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London, UK
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Call For Papers
The objectives of the ICITST-2022 are to bridge the knowledge gap between academia and industry, promote research esteem in secured Internet transactions and the importance of information technology evolution to secured transactions. The ICITST-2022 invites research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation.

The topics in ICITST-2022 include but are not confined to the following areas:

Cyber Security and Cyber warfare

    Surveillance Systems
    Cyber Warfare Trends and Approaches
    Social engineering
    Template Protection and Liveliness detection
    New theories and algorithms in biometrics
    Formal Methods Application in Security
    Operating Systems and Database Security
    Enterprise Systems Security
    SCADA and Embedded systems security
    Distributed and Pervasive Systems Security
    Secure Software Development
    Situational Awareness Assessments
    Social Media Analysis
    Collaborative Defense Approach
    Risk Management, Governance and Compliance
    Cyber Situational Awareness Tools & Techniques
    Network Situational Awareness
    National and Critical Infrastructure Security Issues
    Situation Awareness in Military Operations

Infonomics and e-Technology

    Information Visualization
    Information Management
    Information Quality
    Technology-Enabled Information
    System Design and Security for e-Services
    Synchronizing e-Security
    Capabilities for Enterprise Fraud Management
    Transactional Fraud
    Endpoint Transactional Monitoring
    Web Fraud Detection
    Database Security
    Application Security
    Border Protection and Controls

Information Security

    Collaborative Learning
    Trust, Privacy and Data Security
    Network Security Issues and Protocols
    Security Challenges and Content Authoring
    Secure Communications
    Authentication Techniques
    Chaos-based Data Security
    MANET Security
    Wireless Sensor Network Security
    Security Policy Formulation and Implementations
    Digital Forensics and Crimes
    Security Incident Analysis
    Security Information Visualisation
    Big Data
    Open Source Applications
    Decidability and Complexity

Ethical Hackers

    Ethical Hackers
    Ethical Hacking Methodology
    Fingerprint and Enumerate Targets
    Network Scanning and Sniffing
    Pre-attack Reconnaissance
    Preventing Cyber Attacks
    Unethical Hacker
    Vulnerability Assessments
    Vectors Attack
    Web Attacks (XSS, Directory Traversals and SQL Injection)

Secured Transactions

    End-to-End Encryption
    Incentives in Networked Systems
    Malware and Ransomware Targeting Networked Systems
    Networked System Architecture and Protocols
    Networked System Services and Applications
    Networed System Security, Privacy and Trust
    Offensive Security for Networked Systems
    Reverse Engineering
    Rootkit and Bootkit Targeting Networked Systems
    Security Vulnerabilities in Networked Systems

Internet Applications and Technology

    Internet Technologies
    Internet Architecture
    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Broadband Access Technologies
    Application Agents
    Boundary Issues of Internet Security
    Database Management
    Data Models for Production Systems and Services
    Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
    IPSec Quality of Service
    Knowledge Management
    Embedded Systems
    Defence Systems

Cloud Security

    Secure Virtual Infrastructure and Private Cloud
    Cryptographic Enforcement of Multi-Tenancy
    Cloud Requirements for PaaS and SaaS
    Security Policy and Privacy Requirements
    CloudAudit Protocol
    Corporate Governance
    Laws and Regulations
    Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Risk Management
    Disaster Recovery Planning
    Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Digital Rights Management
    Security Policies and Trust Management
    Identity Management

Digital Forensics

    Data leakage and Database Forensics
    Forensics of Virtual and Cloud Environments
    Network Forensics and Traffic Analysis
    Information Hiding and Fraud Management
    File System and Memory Analysis
    Executable Content and Content Filtering
    Anti-Forensics Techniques
    Malware Forensics
    Evidentiary Aspects of Digital Forensics
    Large-Scale Investigations
    New threats and Non-Traditional Approaches
    Incident Handling and Penetration Testing
    Economics of Security

Security in Machine Learning

    Adversarial Machine Learning
    Attack and Defense of Face Recognition Systems
    Attacks and Defense of Voice Recognition and Voice Commanded Systems
    Attacks and Defense of Machine learning Algorithms in Program Analysis
    Detection and Defense to Training Data Set Poison Attack
    Malware Identification and Analysis
    Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
    Robustness Analysis of Machine Learning Algoritms
    Spam and Phshing Email Detection
    Vulnerability Analysis
    Watermarking of Machine Learning Algorithms and Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems

    Automation Systems Engineering
    Control and Hybrid Systems
    Cyber-Physical Production Management
    Cyber-Physical Production Systems Design and Optimization
    Data Portability and Management
    Embedded Devices
    Graphs, Algorithms and Disambiguation in Semantic Search
    Hardware Cryptography
    High-Assurance Cryptography
    Industry 4.0 and Innovative Manufacturing Techniques
    Internet of Things
    Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
    Manufacturing Evolution
    Mobile Cyber-Physical Production Systems
    Model-Based Development of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Modelling and Analysis of Cyber-Physical Production Systems
    Production Planning and Control
    Real-Time Embedded Systems Abstractions
    Remote Robotic Assembly
    Robustness, Safety and Security of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Sensor and Mobile Networks
    Special Purpose Architectural Solution
    Symbiotic Cyber-Physical Networks
    Verification, Validation and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems

Multimedia and Web Services

    DIntelligent Multimedia
    Multimedia Information Systems
    Multimedia Security
    Web Databases
    Web Metrics and its Applications
    Web Mining and Web Intelligence
    Web Services
    XML and other extensible languages
    Semantic Web and Ontology
    Intelligent Learning and Teaching Systems
    Large-Scale Enterprise Design Architecture
    Resource Management

Ubi/Cloud Computing

    Big Data
    Data Protection in Ubi/Cloud Computing
    Context-Awareness and its Data Mining for UbiCom
    Data Grids
    Distributed Information Systems
    HCI and Interaction for UbiCom
    Ubiquitous Systems
    USN/RFID Service
    Smart Homes and its Business Model for UbiCom Service
    Security and Data Management for UbiCom
    Peer to Peer Data Management
    Application for Ubi/Cloud Computing
    Mobile Devices

Wireless and Sensor Networks

    Wireless Networking and Communication
    WiFi Protocols and Standards
    Trends in Wireless Communications
    Wireless Security Standards and Mechanisms
    Sensor Networks (Sensornet)
    Ad hoc wireless Sensor Networks
    Security of Sensor Networks and Protocols
    Operations of Sensor Networks
    RFID / USN Key Update Mechanisms
    Quality of Service

Digital Crypto-Currencies

    Challenges and its Roadmap
    Current State of Privacy in Bitcoin
    Decentralised Technology
    Data Licensing
    Digital Currencies
    Future Payment Implications
    Standardisation-Related Issues
    Technical, Business and Regulatory Aspects
    Technology-based Risks

Security of Social Media Platforms
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