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CGVCVIP 2022: International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing
Día de Entrega:
2022-05-20 Extended
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Fecha de Conferencia:
Lisbon, Portugal
Vistas: 8850   Seguidores: 6   Asistentes: 2

Solicitud de Artículos
The Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing (CGVCVIP) 2022 conference aims to address the research issues in the closely related areas of Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing. The conference encourages the interdisciplinary research and applications of these areas.

Acceptance will be based primarily on originality, significance and quality of contribution.

Topics for this conference include, but are not limited to:

Computer Graphics
– Shading and Rendering
– Geometric Modeling
– Animation
– Interactive Devices
– GPU and Graphics Systems
– Graphical User Interface
– Human-Computer Interaction
– Virtual Reality
– Computer Games
– Computer-Aided Design
– Natural Phenomena Modeling 	

Image Processing
– Image Generation
– Image Acquisition
– Image Registration
– Image Manipulation
– Image Segmentation
– Image Restoration
– Image Compression
– Holographic Imaging
– Color Corrections
– Remote Sensing
– Image Coding and Encryption
– Image Indexing and Retrieval
– Pattern Recognition
– Classification and Clustering
– Wavelet Methods
– Fractals
– Character Recognition

– Visual Analytics
– Visual Representations
– Visual Analytical Reasoning
– Data Representations
– Data Transformation
– Data Modeling
– Interpolation
– Scientific Visualization
– Information Visualization
– Visualization Algorithms
– Software Visualization
– Terrain Visualization
– Flow Visualization 	

Computer Vision
– 3D and Stereo Vision
– Boundary Detection
– Motion Detection and Tracking
– Reconstruction and Representation
– Facial and Hand Gesture Recognition
– Matching, Inference and Recognition
– Vision Engineering
– Texture and Color in Computer Vision
– Projective Geometry and Computer Vision
– Pattern Recognition in Computer Vision
– Inspection and Robotics Applications

Other Related Topics
– Signal and Speech Processing
– Video and Audio Encoding
– Multi Media
– Video Conferencing
– Display and Printing
– Parallel and Distributed CGVCVIP
– CGVCVIP Related Hardware
– CGVCVIP with Cloud Computing
– CGVCVIP over the Internet
– CGVCVIP in Arts
– CGVCVIP in Medicine
– CGVCVIP Applications
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