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PLDI 2024: ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation
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Orlando, Florida, USA
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Call For Papers
PACMPL Issue PLDI 2024 seeks contributions on all aspects of programming languages research, broadly construed, including design, implementation, theory, applications, and performance. Authors of papers published in PACMPL Issue PLDI 2024 will be invited – but not required – to present their work in the PLDI conference in June 2024, which is sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN.


PLDI is a premier forum for programming language research, broadly construed. Outstanding research that extends and/or applies programming-language concepts to advance the field of computing is welcome. Novel system designs, thorough empirical work, well-motivated theoretical results, and new application areas are all in scope for PLDI.

Evaluation Criteria and Process

Reviewers will evaluate submissions for accuracy, significance, originality, and clarity. Submissions should be organized to communicate clearly to a broad programming-language audience as well as experts on the paper’s topics. Papers should identify what has been accomplished and how it relates to previous work. Authors of empirical papers are encouraged to consider the seven categories of the SIGPLAN Empirical Evaluation Guidelines when preparing submissions.

The selection of papers will be made in two rounds of reviewing. In the first round, reviewers will assesses the papers according to the quality criteria listed above. Authors will be given several days to compose a written response to the reviews received in the first round – e.g., to correct errors and clarify technical concerns. At the end of the first round, the Review Committee will conditionally accept a subset of the submissions and all other submissions will be rejected. In the second round, authors of conditionally-accepted papers will be given an opportunity to improve specific aspects of the research and the paper, as identified by the reviewers. Authors will have sufficient time to perform the required revisions and re-submit the paper. The same reviewers as in the first round will then assess how the revision requests have been acted upon by the authors. Revisions that fail to adequately address the reviewers’ original concerns will result in rejection.

The Review Committee will make final decisions regarding (conditional) acceptance and rejection, although reviews for a given paper will typically be performed by a subset of the committee. During the review period, authors must not contact Review Committee members – all questions must be addressed to the Associate Editor (who is doing the job that we would have called “Program Chair” before PLDI joined PACMPL). Contacting Review Committee members about submitted paper(s) is an ethical violation and may be grounds for summary rejection.

Deadlines and formatting requirements, detailed below, will be strictly enforced, with extremely rare extenuating circumstances considered at the discretion of the Associate Editor.
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