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Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms in Operations Research

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The JMMA takes the term “Operations Research” in its widest context, welcoming papers in mathematical programming: linear, integer, fractional, nonlinear, dynamic; and multi-objective programming: heuristic and metaheuristic techniques; probabilistic approaches: Bayesian approaches and multi-criteria decision analysis, simulation and stochastic processes; datamining and machine learning; network and graph algorithms. The journal welcomes papers that describe novel modelling and/or algorithmic techniques and particularly welcomes papers that describe applications to real world problems. Accepted papers will generally be in-depth studies and will always be written in a good standard of in English. However, for authors whose first language is not English, some assistance will be available should that be needed.

Authors of papers are encouraged to submit relevant code as supplementary material. Such code will be made available to referees but will not formally be part of the refereeing process. Should a paper be accepted by the journal, such supplementary code will be made available to the readership of the journal for research purposes only. Downloading of such code will be at the reader’s own risk and the journal can accept no responsibility whatsoever for such code. However, sharing code in this way should help the development of research in OR and the journal is keen to support this.
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