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Computing and Visualization in Science

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Devoted to computational sciences - a field of a major and continually growing importance for both research and applications, this journal provides the ideal platform for scientists eager to cooperate in solving scientific and technological challenges. The aim is to link professionals from the diverse fields of mathematics computer science physics chemistry environmental sciences biosciences engineering.

The rapid development of computer technology has opened up new perspectives, increased the importance of mathematical models and created an urgent need for efficient algorithms. Reflecting these trends, the journal has set itself the goal of publishing pioneering methods and applications which precipitate the solution of complex problems - or even make such solutions possible at all.

Since visualization has become an important scientific tool, especially in the analysis of complex situations, it is treated in close connection with the other areas covered by the journal. These areas include:
- mathematical modeling and analysis of model systems
- numerical methods and algorithms
- development of simulation software
- optimization and control
- parallel computing
- visualization and image analysis
- computational physics and chemistry
- structural mechanics
- fluid dynamics
- environmental sciences
- computation in biosciences and medicine
- modeling and computation in engineering

As well as publishing this exciting material in print form, Computing and Visualization in Science will also make the documents available to subscribers electonically via a server. 
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