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Measurement: Sensors
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Measurement: Sensors is an open access journal open to original, high-quality contributions from all relevant fields of this highly topical and multi-disciplinary subject.

Measurement: Sensors is a companion journal to Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO).

The main aim of the journal is to provide rapid publication of topical papers featuring practical developments in the field, covering a wide range of application areas, and it will attract a readership from across the industrial and academic research spectrum. The journal seeks to publish progress in research with an emphasis both on both the applied and the theoretical aspects, bringing greater recognition to this important area of engineering.

Submissions are invited on all aspects of the theory, research, development, manufacturing and applications of the science, engineering and technology of the highly interdisciplinary field that comprises sensors and sensor systems today. Authors are encouraged to submit novel material on this field which could include the results of research including simulation and experimental work, which may deal with practical or new industrial applications related to innovative sensors, or discuss new developments in sensor design, including modelling, and the applications of sensors to novel research in different areas of instrumentation.

Thus, the fields of interest include (but are not limited to):

    Sensors and sensor systems
    Sensors: materials and their application in sensor systems
    Sensor types:
    — optical;
    — ultrasonic and acoustic;
    — chemical;
    — physical sensors of all types e.g. pressure, temperature, flow etc;
    — biochemical;
    — biosensors;
    — sensors in biomedical science and engineering;
    — radiation sensors;
    — sensing in the liquid and gas phases
    Sensor connectivity and sensor networks
    Sensors and software including
    — Sensor simulation and modelling;
    — Sensors for hazardous environments e.g. due to high temperature, radiation, space, acidic and other challenging environments;
    — Sensors in Industry 4.0 and the Digital Twin;
    — Sensor signal and data processing;
    — Sensor data fusion;
    — Sensors and machine learning and AI
    Sensor Applications in industry including
    — All aspects of sensor use and evaluation in industry including sensor packaging, sensor durability and long term testing and evaluation
    Education and training in sensors and sensor systems
    Health and safety aspects of the use of sensor systems

Measurement: Sensors publishes the following types of papers, all of which are fully peer reviewed:

    Regular Articles which should describe original research of high quality in the field of Sensors and sensor systems.
    Review Articles which will generally be specially commissioned; however, suggestions for topics and authors are welcomed by the Editor-in-Chief.
    Technical Notes which are short contributions and provide rapid publication of important new contributions.
    Special Issue Conference Articles which represent novel work arising from topical meetings and symposia
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Special Issues
Special Issue on Smart Sensor Technology in Renewable Energy Applications
Submission Date: 2023-09-30

The path-breaking development in sensor technology has created a great impact on the growth of renewable energy sources. The future technology and the consumers are slightly slipped down to the use of renewable energy sources. This introduces a new advantage of creating a new green environment and a healthy society to live in. A renewable energy system with smart sensor technology is the best option to use in the current living environment. To enable security in the measurement of energy, signals, and data from malicious agents requires secure sensor technology. In bringing up the innovation to this proposal, this smart sensor technology also enables a cyber security system in the generation of renewable energy sources.
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Special Issue on AI Empowered and Intelligent Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring and Intelligent Transportation Systems For Current Assessment
Submission Date: 2023-10-30

The applications of AI will bring revolution to civil engineering in all sides. Most attractive concerns in monitoring of civil structures are that if we can create “AI-empowered monitoring”. Rapid advances in sensors, wireless communication, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and information technologies significantly impact the monitoring of structural behaviour called Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System. Intelligent transportation system (ITS) devices, such as video camera, traffic sensors, helped to locate the source of critical events, and to capture the response under different traffic flows. By integrating SHM with ITS, the reliability and accuracy of damages detected by the SHM system increases predominantly. Currently, employed data acquisition models are inadequate for high fidelity SHM applications. So further research is needed to enhance its practical applicability of the SHM and ITS system. This special Issue invites contributions that address structural health monitoring developments and intelligent transportation systems for status assessment.
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