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CCF Transactions on High Performance Computing (CCF THPC)
Call For Papers
CCF Transactions on High Performance Computing (CCF THPC) is dedicated to publishing rigorously peer-reviewed, high-quality articles covering all aspects of supercomputing and high performance computing (HPC). Bringing together insights on, innovations in and implementations of HPC, the journal serves as an academic publication and communication platform and welcomes contributions from researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners. The journal publishes original research and review articles on all aspects of high performance computing from design, service, and theory, to its practical use and applications. In addition, it addresses interdisciplinary topics like operating systems, networking and software engineering.

This journal is published on behalf of the China Computer Federation (CCF) and is supported by the CCF technical committee on High Performance Computing, and CCF technical committee on Computer Architectures and Information Storage Technology.

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1) Architectures and related processors
Processor architecture (multicore, GPU, custom logic),
Novel computer architecture,
Reconfigurable architecture,
Special purpose architecture,
Processor micro-architecture,
Memory hierarchy,
Cache coherence and memory consistency model

2) Supercomputing systems
Hardware/software co-design,
Communication middleware,
Resilience and reliability technologies,
Languages and compilers,
Power-efficient, energy-efficient systems/tools,
Performance and energy efficiency/benchmarks,
System cooling,
Large-scale system management,
Scalable and broadly applicable high performance algorithm/optimization

3) Storage
Parallel I/O,
High-performance file systems,
Solid state storage technologies and systems (e.g., flash, byte-addressable NVM),
Parallel storage system,
Memory-only storage systems,
Reliability, availability, and fault tolerance,
I/O performance tuning

4) Related applications of HPC
Parallel algorithms, models, frameworks Implementation,
HPC applications in atmospheric, materials, astrophysics, biology, AIs, and so on
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