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DASC' 2014 : Digital Avionics Systems Conference
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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
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We welcome everyone to join us for the 33rd DASC in Colorado Springs, CO.

CONFERENCE THEME: The conference theme for the 33rd DASC is the design of air transportation systems that are resilient at different system levels. The presentations, posters, papers, and discussions that will comprise this conference build upon the theme of the 32nd DASC where in the interplay between safety and system efficiency were explored. Participants will be challenged to show how their work helps to develop, promote, or enable resilience. Of particular interest will be perspectives that describe the use of policy and economics as tools for engineers to manage system and product life-cycle development, deployment, degradation, and decay. Talks of interest may focus on systems’ failure modes, fault tree research, graceful degradation, defense-in-depth, and system alerts and recovery. An interesting assertion that should be addressed is whether designing a resilient system sub-component always contributes to an improvement in overall system resilience.

• Decision-support tools to improve system state awareness and predict change
• Systems that enable appropriate engagement with automated systems
• Integrated information management systems (airborne and ground-based)
• Systems that can monitor the hazard space with adequate time-to-avoid
• Systems that can afford the safe introduction of UAS in the NAS
• Systems that can support more efficient aircraft-ATM coordination
• Providing air transportation service to under-served markets
• Defining the role for humans in an increasingly automated ATC system
• Design of safety management systems including performance metrics
• Airport operations sustainability
• Environmental impact assessment and management
• Reliable communications, navigation, and surveillance technologies.

AVIONICS AND ATM SYSTEMS: The conference will maintain a dual focus on both aircraft avionics and air traffic management systems. There are many emerging research, development, and analysis areas related to avionics equipage, aircraft interoperability, and ground-/space-based infrastructures. These issues are significant drivers for both NextGen and Single European Sky (SESAR) avionics road- maps.

OTHER TOPICS: DASC will continue to offer opportunities to publish and present on a wide range of topics of interest to the avionics technology community (see next page).

PAPERS, PANELS, EDUCATION, AND WORKSHOPS: The Technical and Professional Education Programs will incorporate hundreds of papers and dozens of tutorials from international researchers, innovators, engineers, users, and designers. There will be panel discussions and keynote presentations by engineering, management and operational leaders that are shaping the industry. Attendees can participate in active conversations with all such colleagues who are the experts and leaders in the field. We welcome you to join us and participate in the 33rd DASC as we engage in the important issues of the aviation electronics (i.e., “avionics”) industry!
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