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CPSCom 2019: International Conferences on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing
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2019-04-14 Extended
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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As an emerging cross-disciplinary research area, the Cyber Physical System (CPS) is attracting attention worldwide. CPS features a combination of computational and physical elements, all of which are capable of interacting, reflecting and influencing each other. Furthermore, social systems are evolving with cyber systems and physical systems along with the popularity of online social networking. With the advent of ubiquitous sensing and networking, future social networks turn into cyber-physical interactions, which are attached with associated social attributes.

The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Cyber Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom-2019) will provide a high-profile, leading-edge forum for researchers, engineers, and practitioners to present state-of-art advances and innovations in theoretical foundations, systems, infrastructure, tools, testbeds, and applications for the CPSCom, as well as to identify emerging research topics and define the future. We seek submissions of papers which invent new techniques, introduce innovative methodologies, propose new research directions and discuss approaches for unsolved issues.


Track 1: Systems & Design

  • Efficient architectures for CPSS
  • Low power and energy harvesting
  • Real-time systems
  • Wearable devices management
  • System-level design methodology
  • Embedded hardware and software
  • Hyper-connected smart devices
  • Embedded middleware design

Track 2: Data & Services

  • CPSS Data processing and AI
  • Data-driven services in CPSS
  • Data mining platforms for CPSS
  • Cloud-fog-edge computing
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Distributed computing of big data
  • Smart services platform
  • Incremental computing of big data
  • Tensor computing in CPSS
  • Multi-attributes matching in CPSS

Track3: Networks & Communications

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Radio frequency identification
  • Sensor network and communications
  • 5G Communications
  • Communications in edge computing
  • Machine-to-machine communicationss
  • Energy efficient in wireless networks
  • Green communication

Track 4: Technologies & Applications

  • Narrow band Internet-of-Things
  • E-Health in CPSS
  • Environment monitoring
  • Smart City
  • Privacy and privacy-preserving systems
  • Cyber Physical Systems and their safety
  • Adaptive and intelligent systems
  • Deep learning in CPSS
  • Blockchain-based applications in CPSS
  • Biological information processing

Special Sessions

- Edge Computing and Storage Systems Introduction (CPSComECSS)
Edge computing and edge storage architecture
Real-time data processing and storage
Fault models and fault tolerances in edge computing and storage system
Energy efficiency issues in edge computing and storage
Security and privacy issues in edge computing and storage
Availability and reliability in edge computing and storage
Intelligence in edge computing and storage
Design methodologies, benchmarks, measurement, and tools for edge computing and storage
Applications of edge computing and storage systems (including internet of vehicles, communication, manufacturing, smart civil infrastructures, and healthcare)
Data profile of edge computing and storage systems

- Intelligent Computing in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (CPSComIC)
Evolutionary Computing and Learning
Genetic Algorithms
Particle Swarm Optimization and Niche Technology
Swarm Intelligence and Optimization
Independent Component Analysis
Compressed Sensing and Sparse Coding
Biometrics Recognition
Intelligent Computing in Robotics
Intelligent Computing in Computer Vision
Intelligent Computing in Finance/Banking
Intelligent Computing in Communication Networks
Intelligent Control and Automation
Intelligent Image/Document Retrievals
Intelligent Data Fusion in CPSS
Intelligent Data Analysis and Prediction
Intelligent Agent and Web Applications 

- Machine Learning in Cyber Physical Systems (CPSComML)
Unsupervised, semi-supervised, and supervised learning in CPS 
Metric learning and kernel learning in CPS 
Sparse representation and coding in CPS 
Deep learning and hierarchical models in in CPS 
Optimization for machine learning in CPS 
Probabilistic Graphical Models in CPS 
Multi-view/Multi-modal learning in CPS 
Representation learning for planning and reinforcement learning 
System and Applications of machine learning in CPS 

- Artificial Intelligence Empowered Networking (CPSComAI)
Transfer learning and reinforcement learning for networking
Big data analytics frameworks for networking data
Machine learning, data mining and big data analytics in networking
Network management based on statistical modeling, and machine learning
Network problem diagnosis through machine learning
Energy-efficient network operations via AI/ML algorithms
Reliability and robustness for networks optimized and operated with AI techniques
Predictive and self-aware networking maintenance

- Cloud-Fog-Edge Computing for Cyber-Physical-Social Services (CPSComCFE)
service recommendation in cloud/fog/edge computing
service selection and composition in cloud/fog/edge computing
service quality evaluation in cloud/fog/edge computing
security, privacy and trust in service systems
resource load in cloud/fog/edge computing
energy cost in cloud/fog/edge computing
link switch in cloud/fog/edge computing
Light-weight service-oriented applications for smart devices
Context (e.g., time, location…)-aware service applications
Underlying technologies associated with big data and Internet of Things
Any other related topics

- Blockchain-based Advanced Technologies in Industrial Internet of Things (CPSComBI)
Blockchain for Industrial Internet of Things
Blockchain-based IoT Data Management
IoT Data Privacy Protection
Blockchain-based IoT Data Crowdsourcing
Cross-chain solutions Between Tangle and Blockchain
Resource constraint Blockchain architecture
IoT Devices Management with Blockchain Technologies
Privacy and Security issues When Blockchain meets IoT
Consensus Protocols in Industrial Internet of Things
Blockchain As a Service for Cyber-Physical Systems
Blockchain and Edge computing
Blockchain and Cloud Computing
Power efficiency of Blockchain-based IoT Systems

- Dependable Cyber Physical Systems and Applications (CPSComDCPS)
Dependability measurement, modeling, evaluation, and tools for CPS
Architectural framework and hardware design methodologies for dependable CPS
Dependable software platforms for managing CPS
Dependability issues in automotive CPS, Cloud-assisted CPS, smart grid CPS, mobile CPS, social CPS, biological and medical CPS
Fault models and fault tolerances in CPS
Power/Energy efficiency issues in CPS
Cyber security, privacy, safety, availability, and reliability issues in CPS
Dependable CPS applications (including robotics, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, transportation, smart energy, smart civil infrastructure, and healthcare)

- Advanced Technologies of Green Computing in Big Data Systems (CPSComAGB)
Design and implementation of big data systems
Big data platform
Data center architecture
Data storage and management
Fault tolerance of big data systems
Data deduplication
Big Data Analytics
Innovative methods for big data analytics
Performance of big data systems
Benchmarking big data systems
Security and privacy of big data system
QoS of big data system
Reliability of big data system
Power efficiency of big data system
Cluster computing
Parallel and distributed computing
High performance computing
Green computing 

- AI-based Advanced Technology about Computer Vision in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (CPSComATCV)
3D Scene Reconstruction
RGB-D Vision
Pattern Recognition and Machine Vision
Computational Imaging
Object Tracking
Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Deep Learning for Mobile Computing
Big Data Analysis for Robotic Vision
Big Data Analysis for Medical Imaging
Spectral Imaging
Object Detection and Recognition
Artificial Intelligence Hardware Design
Theoretical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

- Health Big Data Analytics in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems(CPSComHBD)
Health data acquisition, data quality assessment and assurance
Data from the Internet of medical things
Health data cleansing and integration
Deep genomic sequencing
Clinical decision support systems
Ownership, ethics, privacy, and security of health data
Human-computer interfaces and visual analytics for health data
Novel frameworks and platforms (cloud, edge, fog…) for health data
Real world applications and illustrative case studies of BDA for health

- Human Interactions for Softwarized Cyber-Physical Systems(CPSComHISCPS)
HCI design theories and methods and how they are applied to CPS
User interaction with networked physical objects with embedded sensors
Modeling human-data interaction in CPS using machine-learning
User research and empirical studies on interactions with CPS
Examples of CPS and smart services from automotive systems, aerospace systems, digital health information systems, manufacturing and industrial control systems farming and agriculture, energy systems, playable cities
Design methods and processes of Cyber-Physical System interfaces
Novel interaction strategy and models for softwarized CPS
Interactions and visualization of data in the physical space (e.g. data physicalization)
Ethical, usable privacy, usability and user experience concerns around interactions between humans and CPS interfaces
Availability and resilience of virtualized software-defined systems
Supporting adaptation and flexibility in softwarized networks
Dynamic resource scaling based on user mobility in SDN- and NFV-based systems
Policy based management in SDN or NFV systems
QoS/QoE management and control in softwarized networks
Applying Blockchain technologies for softwarized networks 
Software-defined Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Trust Management
SDN framework for wireless network virtualization
Wireless virtualization controller design for mobile devices
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