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ICAIRC 2023: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Communication
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Xiamen, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Big Data and Cloud Computing   

Models and algorithms of Big Data
Architecture of Big Data 
Big Data Management 
Big Data Analysis and Processing       
Security and Privacy of Big Data  
Big Data in Smart Cities  
Search, Mining and Visualization of Big Data   
Technologies, Services and Application of Big Data  
Edge Computing 
Architectures and systems of Cloud Computing  
Models, Simulations, Designs, and Paradigms of Cloud Computing  
Management and operations of Cloud Computing 
Technologies, services and Applications of Cloud Computing 
Dynamic resource supply and consumption  
Management and Analysis of Geospatial Big Data 
UAV Oblique photography and ground 3D real scene modeling 
Aerial photography of UAV loaded with multispectral sensors 

Technologies and Application of Artificial Intelligence 

IoT Chips and Sensors
CPS Technology and Intelligent Information System
Multi-network resource sharing in IoT environment
IoT Chips and Sensors
IoT Technology Architecture
Cloud Computing and Big Data in IoT
Edge Intelligence and Blockchain
Smart City
IoT Wearables
smart home
Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data
Multi-terminal collaborative control and IoT smart terminal
Multi-network resource sharing in IoT environment
SDN and Intelligent Service Network
5G technology and its application in the Internet of Things
IoT Information Security
Internet of Vehicles and Unmanned Vehicles
User-facing software-defined services
IoT information analysis and processing
Heterogeneous Convergence and Multi-Domain Collaboration in IoT Environment

Robotics Science and Engineering 

Robot control  
Mobile robotics  
Intelligent pension robots  
Mobile sensor networks   
Perception systems     
Micro robots and micro-manipulation      
Visual serving  
Search, rescue and field robotics     
Robot sensing and data fusion      
Indoor localization and navigation    
Dexterous manipulation     
Medical robots and bio-robotics      
Human centered systems      
Space and underwater robots     

Internet of Things and Sensor Technology

Technology architecture of Internet of things 
Sensors inInternet of things 
Perception technology of Internet of things information 
Multi terminal cooperative control and Internet of things intelligent terminal 
Multi-network resource sharing in the environment of Internet of things   
Heterogeneous fusion and multi-domain collaboration in the Internet of things environment 
SDN and intelligent service network 
Technology and its application in the Internet of things  
Cloud computing and big data in the Internet of things  
Information analysis and processing of  Internet of things  
CPS technology and intelligent information system  
Internet of things technology standard 
Internet of things information security 
Narrow Band Internet of Things(NB-IoT) 
Smart Cities 
Smart Farming 
Smart Grids  
Digital health/Telehealth/Telemedicine 
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