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ICACES 2021: International Conference on Advanced Computing and Endogenous Security
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2021-09-10 Extended
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Nanjing, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
1. The scope of papers including but not limited to the following scopes:

Ø  Advanced Computing

l  Z-level computing architecture and key technologies
l  Mimi computing, memory computing, graph computing, cloud computing, quantum computing, brain-like computing, superconducting computing and other new computing architectures and application systems
l  Software and hardware collaborative computing platform and innovative application system based on new architecture
l  New operating systems, runtime systems, data management systems, compilation and programming languages, programming environments, etc
l  Software/hardware co-design technology and ecological environment based on new computing architectures
l  New large-scale scientific and engineering software
l  Instruction sets for new processors and accelerators, microstructure, memory structure, interconnection and transmission technologies, programming mode,etc
l  RISC-V-based architecture design, hardware accelerator design
l  Soft and hard collaborative computing chip design based on Chiplet and wafer scale integration
l  Artificial intelligence chip brain, software defined chip, architecture for open source field, a heterogeneous system on a chip, saving calculation integration chip, perception fusion, lightweight edge intelligent chip, etc
l  Full-process EDA/IP tools, logic manufacturing technology, memory-specific manufacturing technology, power and analog chip technology, etc
l  Innovative technologies such as non Von Neumann computing architecture, software-defined chips, and AI-supported design automation (EDA), etc
l  New application technologies and systems such as photoelectric sensing and communication, photoelectric computing and storage, photoelectric imaging and display, etc
l  Intelligent computing systems and applications based on technologies such as software and hardware collaborative processing, dynamic resource combination, and network component reconstruction, etc

Ø Endogenous Security

l  Mimic defense technology, moving target defense technology, design security technology, customized trusted space
l  Software defined security technology, AI-driven security technology, zero-trust security technology, secure multi-party computation technology
l  Next-generation network endogenous security technology, 5G endogenous security technology, Space-Ground Integrated Network endogenous security technology, artificial intelligence endogenous security technology, industrial Internet endogenous security technology, etc
l  Chip endogenous security technology, information system endogenous security technology, cloud computing and data center endogenous security technology
l  Application endogenous security design and implementation technology, network service endogenous security technology implementation technology
l  Design and implementation technology for industry specific applications and services endogenous security, such as telecommunications, IDC, finance, medical, special trade, etc
l  Key software and hardware components of endogenous security technology, such as I / O proxy, arbiter and scheduler that used mimic technology to enhance security, also include mimic acceleration and performance optimization technology and endogenous security co-design method of software and hardware
l  Endogenous security supported technology, endogenous security programming language, endogenous security tool chains and tool libraries, endogenous security compiler and development environment
l  Endogenous security open sources and platform construction technology
l  Measurement and evaluation model, performance quantitative design method, and test evaluation method of endogenous security technology
l  Endogenous security white box injection test and black box confrontation test method, endogenous security technology test site construction technology, etc
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