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ICBTA 2020: International Conference on Blockchain Technology and Applications
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2020-11-01 Extended
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Xi an, China
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Call For Papers
Emerging blockchain related technologies will significantly transform transactions, currencies, system operations and management in the digital era. On one hand, blockchain will play a crucial role for secure decentralization in fields such as Internet of Things, cyber physical systems, cloud and edge computing, future Internet, security, fault tolerance, next generation wireless communications, etc. On the other hand, its advance should be further refined and optimized in terms of scalability, privacy, security, fault tolerance, availability and high dependability. In the meantime, arising new applications of blockchain will bring along new requirements, research issues and new challenges for research communities.

ICBTA2019 is soliciting original, previously unpublished and high quality research papers addressing research challenges and advances in the tracks mentioned below. The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to: 

►Theories of blockchain
►Smart contract, chain code, and distributed ledger
►Distributed consensus
►Fault tolerance mechanisms
►Blockchain schemes for decentralization
►Security, privacy and trust of blockchain
►Security issues & Attacks on blockchain based systems
►Performance analysis and optimization
►Simulation and performance evaluation techniques
►Protocols & algorithms based on blockchain
►Blockchain related data structures
►Blockchain for IoT
►Blockchain for cyber physical systems
►Blockchain for future Internet
►Blockchain for edge and cloud computing
►Blockchain for social media
►Blockchain for supply chain management
►Bolckchain for crowdsourcing and crowdsensing
►Blockchain for 5G/6G
►New applications with blockchain techniques
►Anonymity and privacy issues and measures to enhance them
►New applications using or built on top of blockchains
►Atomic Swapping Big Data and blockchain technology
►Cryptography, scripting/smart contract language etc.
►Case studies (e.g., of adoption, attacks, forks, etc.) 	  	  	
►Consensus protocols for blockchains
►Cryptocurrency adoption and economic impacts
►Decentralized Applications (Exchanges, Mining Pools, Trading Platforms) Economics and game theory of mining
►Forensics and monitoring
►Formal Verification of Blockchain Protocols, Smart Contracts
►Fraud detection and financial crime prevention Identity, Identification and trust in blockchain systems
►Intermediates in different industries and their future 
►Internet of things (IoT) and blockchain technology
►Off-chain payment/state channels
►Peer-to-peer networks
►Permissioned and permissionless blockchains
►Privacy and anonymity-enhancing technologies
►Proof-of-work, -stake, -burn, and virtual mining
►Real-world measurements and metrics
►Scalability and scalable services for blockchain systems
►Smart Contract Programming Languages and VM's
►Transaction graph analysis Usability and user studies
►Security of Blockchain Protocols
►Where does a blockchain makes sense?
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