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EAIS 2018: Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems
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2018-03-18 Extended
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Rhodes, Greece
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Solicitud de Artículos
Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Basic Methologies

    Evolving Soft Computing Techniques
    Evolving Fuzzy Systems
    Evolving Rule-Based Classifiers
    Evolving Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
    Adaptive Evolving Neural Networks
    Adaptive Evolving Fuzzy Systems
    Online Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms
    Data Stream Mining
    Incremental and Evolving Clustering Approaches
    Adaptive Control
    Adaptive Pattern Recognition
    Computational Intelligence in Control and Estimation
    Incremental and Evolving ML Classifiers
    Adaptive Statistical Techniques
    Evolving Decision Systems
    Big Data
    Advanced Concepts

Problems and Methodologies in Data Streams

    Stability, Robustness, Convergence in Evolving Systems
    Online Feature Selection and Dimension Reduction
    Online Active and Semi-supervised Learning
    Online Complexity Reduction
    Computational Aspects
    Interpretability Issues
    Incremental Adaptive Ensemble Methods
    Online Bagging and Boosting
    Self-monitoring Evolving Systems
    Human-Machine Interaction Issues
    Hybrid Modeling
    Transfer Learning
    Reservoir Computing
    Real-world Applications

EIS for On-Line Modeling, System Identification, and Control 

    EIS for Time Series Prediction
    EIS for Data Stream Mining and Adaptive Knowledge Discovery
    EIS in Robotics, Intelligent Transport and Advanced Manufacturing
    EIS in Advanced Communications and Multi-Media Applications
    EIS in Bioinformatics and Medicine
    EIS in Online Quality Control and Fault Diagnosis
    EIS in Condition Monitoring Systems
    EIS in Adaptive Evolving Controller Design
    EIS in User Activities Recognition
    EIS in Huge Database and Web Mining
    EIS in Visual Inspection and Image Classification
    EIS in Image Processing
    EIS in Cloud Computing
    EIS in Multiple Sensor Networks
    EIS in Query Systems and Social Networks
    EIS in Alternative Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches
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