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ICESEE 2020: International Conference on Energy Science and Electrical Engineering
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2020-05-31 Extended
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Prague, Czech Republic
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★2020年第四届能源科学与电气工程国际会议(ICESEE 2020)--- Ei Compendex&Scopus-Call for papers

★ICESEE 2020旨在促进世界顶尖创新者、科学家、学者、研究人员和思想领导者之间的交流和探讨,面临不断增加的能源消耗构成了巨大的威胁,本平台致力于促进该领域的发展与进步,对能源科学与电气工程领域作出贡献。在会议的这三天里,您将有机会聆听到前沿的学术报告,见证该领域的成果与进步,热忱欢迎从事相关技术研究的专家学者踊跃投稿交流。

所有注册并发表的文章将会收录到会议论文集中,并提交 EI Compendex, Scopus, Thomson Reuters (WoS), Inspec检索,优秀论文将在国际期刊上发表,热忱地欢迎从事相关技术研究的各专业技术人员踊跃投稿并参加大会。

6月23日:开幕式+ KN演讲+分会场报告


QQ: 2011307354(加QQ时请附上您想咨询的会议名字简称,如:ICESEE 2020)

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: 
Energy   Science 	• Hard-switching and  soft-switching static converters 
• Advanced Buildings	• Inverter and Converter Technology
• Advanced Energy Sources	• Matrix converters
• Advanced Heat Pipe Technologies	• Modeling and simulation in power electronics 
• Advanced In-Space Propulsion & Power Concepts	• Multilevel converters
• Advanced Lighting	• Nanometer-scale materials engineering
• Advanced Thermal Control Technologies	• Optoelectronic photonic devices
• Advanced Vehicle Technologies	• Power Converters Modelling
• Advances in Additive Manufacturing	• Power electronics education/professional   development 
• Advances   in Solar Energy	• Power Electronics Components   and Packaging
• Advances in Space  Propulsion	• Power electronics in traction and automotive 
• Advances in Urban Mobility	• Power Factor Correctors   (PFC)
• Alternative  Transportation Fuels	• Power semiconductors, passive components and   packaging technologies 
• Battery & Energy Storage	• Power Supplies
• BioEnergy	• Simulation and Control
• Clean Energy Project  Financing	• Switch-mode power supplies and UPS 
• Community Solar	• Telecommunications power supplies 
• Department of Energy  Building Efficiency R&D	• Soft   switching converters 
• Early Stage &  Growth Capital	Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
• Economic Development  Incentives for Clean Tech Innovators	• Analysis and design of electrical machines 
• Emerging Smart Grid Technologies	• Control Theory and Applications 
• Emerging Smart Grid  Technologies: a Case Study	• Electrical Machines
• Enabling Technologies for Lunar Surface Science	• Electrical Vehicles
• Energy Cybersecurity	• EMC related phenomena
• Energy Policy	• Intelligent Systems and Approach
• Far Term Space  Transport and Environment Models and Theories	• Linear machines and drives
• Future of the Electric  Utility Industry: Challenges and Opportunities	• Machine Learning
• High Capacity Heat  Rejection Systems	• Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis 
• High Frequency Gravity Wave Detection	• Modelling and   simulation 
• High Frequency Gravity Wave Generators	• Motor drives and motion control 
• Innovative Techniques in Fusion Energy	• Permanent magnet machines  and drives
• Innovative Techniques  in Nuclear Energy	• Piezo and electrostatic   actuators, 
• Lunar In Space Resource  Utilization	• Reluctance machines and   drives 
• Lunar Lander  Technologies and Design	• Sensorless control
• Manufacturing Energy Efficiency	• Visual Control 
• Medical Astrosociology	• AC   and DC Machines and Drives, 
• Microgravity  Thermophysics	Signal Processing
• MicroGrids &     Distributed Generation	• Adaptive Signal Processing
• New Directions in  Astrophysics/Particle Physics	• Array Processing
• New Directions in  Communications	• Audio, Speech and Language   Processing
• Nuclear Advanced  Reactors	• Digital Filter Design &   Implementation
• Nuclear Energy:   Achievements, Lessons Learned & Prospects	• Digital Signal Processing   Algorithms
• Offshore Wind	• Image Processing
• Planetary Defense and   Societal Protection	• Medical Signal Processing & Medical Imaging
• Propulsion Analysis	• Signal Processing Theory
• Reforming the Energy Vision (REV): in Context and in Action	• Video Processing
• REV & Integrated  Grid – Distribution Solutions	Communication Systems
• REV & Integrated  Grid – Transmission	• Antenna and Propagation
• REV DEMOS	• Communication Theory and   Information Theory
• Role of Policy in     Regional Energy Transitions	• Microwave Theory and   Techniques
• Sensors	• Modulation, Coding, and  Channel Analysis
• Smart Materials	• Networks Design, Network Protocols and Network   Management
• Smart Mobility &     Connected Vehicles	• Optical Communications
• Space faring societies	• Wireless/Mobile   Communications & Technologies
• Space policy and space     law in a social context	Computers and Information Technology
• Space Science and Technology Roadmaps	• Computer Architecture
• Space societies/ the  settlement of space environments	• Computational Biology and   Bioinformatics
• Technology transfers  and spinoffs	• Knowledge and Data  Engineering
• The Future of  Transmission	• Learning Technologies
• The NYS Clean Energy Fund	• Multimedia Services and Technologies
• The relationship between astrosociology and astrobiology	• Mobile Computing
• Theories on High  Frequency Gravity Waves	• Parallel/Distributed   Computing and Grid Computing
• Theories, Models and Concepts	• Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
• Thermal Control	• Software Engineering
• Thermal Control for  Lunar and Deep Missions	• Visualization and Computer Graphics
Two Phase Thermal Control Systems	Circuits and Systems
• Unconventional Physical Principles and Gravitational Models	• Analog Circuits
• Water Energy Nexus	• Digital Circuits
• Wind Energy	• Mixed Signal Circuits
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution: 	• Nonlinear Circuits and   Systems
• Distribution System Planning  and Reliability	• Sensing and Sensor Networks
• Flexible AC Transmission Systems	• Filters and Data Conversion  Circuits
• Forecasting and Management	• RF and Wireless Circuits
• Load Modelling	• Photonic and Optoelectronic  Circuits
• Maintenance and Operation	• Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Design
• Modelling and Simulation	• Biomedical Circuits
• Power Quality and Grounding	• Assembly and Packaging
• Generation Systems	• Test and Reliability
Renewable Energy Sources,  Smartgrids Technologies & Applications	• Advanced Technologies (i.e. MEMS and Nano-electronic   Devices)
• Distributed and     Co-Generation Systems 	Electrical Power Systems
• Energy Management and Environmental issues	• Power Engineering and Power Systems
• Hybrid Power Systems 	• Electromagnetic   Compatibility
• Hydro Power Plants 	• Energy Conversion
• Hydrogen Systems and Fuel Cell	• High Voltage Engineering and Insulation
• Power Market and Power System Economics	• Power Delivery
• Smart grid aplications and technologies	• Power Electronics
• Smart grid for cyber and physical security systems	• Illumination
• Smart grid for intelligent monitoring and outage management	Controls
• Smart grid for plug-in vehicles and low-carbon transportation alternatives	• Control Theory and Applications
• Smart grid in interdependent  energy infrastructures	• Adaptive and Learning Control System
• Solar Energy Systems,	• Fuzzy and Neural Control
• Wind Energy Systems 	• Mechatronics
• Smart   grid for   distributed energy resources	• Manufacturing Control   Systems and Applications
Power Electronics, Systems and  Applications	• Process Control Systems
• Active Filters and Harmonics	• Robotics and Automation
• Applications of power electronics in home appliance, industry and aerospace 	High Voltage Engineering and  Insulation Technology
• Applications of power  electronics 	• Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) 
• Bearingless drive technologies 	• Power integrated circuits (PIC) 
• Education and Training for Electrical Engineers	• Power engineering related  technologies 
• Electric Drivers and  Application	• Power System & Energy  Engineering
• Electronic Materials	• Power System Protection,  Operation and Control
• Electronics, Information&Control Systems 	• Transmission &  Distribution System and Apparatus
• Emerging topologies	• Power System Stability
• EMI and over-voltage protection	• Power System Modeling,  Simulation and Analysis 
• FACTS Power quality issues, harmonic problems and solutions 	• Electromagnetic Transients Programs (EMTP)
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