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CIC 2021: IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing
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2021-10-14 Extended
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Internet has revolutionized the globalized society and enabled the growth of infrastructures, applications, and technologies that significantly enhance global interactions and collaborations that have significant impact on society. Unprecedented cyber-social, and cyber-physical infrastructures and systems that span geographic boundaries are possible because of the Internet and the growing number of collaboration enabling technologies. Individuals and organizations have increasingly relied on electronic and/or Internet-enabled collaboration between distributed teams of humans, computer applications, and/or autonomous robots to achieve higher productivity and produce collaboratively developed products that would have been impossible to develop without the contributions of multiple collaborators.

Technology has evolved from standalone tools, to open systems supporting collaboration in multi-organizational settings, and from general purpose tools to specialized collaboration platforms. Future collaboration and Internet computing solutions that further the goal of achieving the full potential of global level collaboration require advancements in networking, technology and systems, user interfaces and interaction, cooperation and collaboration paradigms, and interoperation with application-specific components and tools.

IEEE CIC has been conceived as the key multidisciplinary venue to serve as a premier international forum for discussion among academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, and students interested in Internet technologies, applications and services, collaborative networking, technology and systems, and applications.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Enabling Internet-scale collaborative networking & computing
        Internet-based technologies & infrastructure for collaboration
        From cloud to fog/edge for collaborative computing
        Internet of Everything for collaboration
        Data and service models for collaboration
        Quality of service and experience
        Service management and testing
        System engineering, metrics and performance
        Cyber science and Data science
        Security, privacy and trust in collaborative computing
        Resilient and trustworthy Internet
        Big data analytics for data-driven collaboration
        Social computing for collaboration
        Cognitive collaboration
        Web services and Service Oriented Architectures for Collaborative Internet services
    Approaches to collaboration
        Domain-specific social and collaborative applications
        Crossover service computing
        Collaboration in pervasive and cloud computing environments
        Collaboration techniques in data-intensive computing and cloud computing
        Collaborative technologies for fast creation and deployment of new mobile services
        Collaborative sensor networks
        Social networks and services
        Human-provided and outsourcing of services
        Collaborative search and question answering
        Human computation and crowdsourcing
        Participatory sensing, crowdsourcing, and citizen science
        Collaboration computing between human and machine
        Collaborative technologies for cyber-physical-human environments
        Socio-technical and policy frameworks for collaboration and Internet computing
        Influence of/on CIC on/from other fields (arts and sciences, engineering, law, cultures, management and economics, etc.)
        Platforms for process, factory, and industrial applications
        Vehicle networks and applications
        Smart cities and smart territories
        Collaborative robotics
        Collaborative E-Commerce
        Collaborative e-Learning environments
        Collaborative health networks and services
        Collaborative Science
        Collaboration for disaster/crisis management
        Collaborative manufacturing and supply chain management
        Collaboration for resilient critical infrastructures
        Collaboration for personalized services
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