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IC2E 2023: International Conference on Cloud Engineering
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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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The IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E) is a premier conference on Cloud Computing, which represents a paradigm shift for the use and delivery of Information Technology that has revolutionized on-demand access to resources, economies of scale, and dynamic sourcing options. IC2E provides a high-quality, comprehensive forum where researchers and practitioners can exchange information on engineering principles, enabling technologies, and practical experiences related to Cloud Computing. The conference brings together experts who work on different levels of the cloud stack – including systems, storage, networking, platforms, databases, applications, and software engineering. IC2E offers an end-to-end view of the challenges and technologies in Cloud Computing, fosters new research that addresses the interaction between different layers of the stack, and ultimately helps shape the future of cloud-transformed business and society.

IC2E 2023 invites submissions of high-quality research papers describing fully-developed results and ongoing foundational and applied work related to all aspects of cloud engineering. The IC2E Program Committee will interpret "cloud engineering" very broadly – to include everything from engineering principles to practical experiences, and advances that target different levels of the cloud stack, from both academia and industry. In particular, submissions on topics of emerging interest in the research and development communities are encouraged.

Authors can choose to submit their papers under either the Research or Industry Track. Submissions are invited on the following non-exhaustive list of topics for both tracks:

Cloud management and engineering

    Big Data management, platforms, analytics
    Energy management in cloud, fog and edge platforms
    Cloud security, privacy, compliance, and trust
    Metering, pricing, accounting, and software licensing
    Resource management and optimization
    Service lifecycle management, automation
    Performance, dependability, Service-Level Agreements, Quality of Service
    Deployment and migration
    Cloud operating models including, public, on-premises and hybrid integration
    Monitoring, benchmarking, and testing
    Cloud orchestration and automation
    Software Engineering methods for cloud services and applications
    Programming models and tools
    Cloud-based software architecture and application design
    Operational analytics and DevOps solutions
    Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning supporting operation of cloud infrastructures

Cloud applications

    Internet of Things
    5G/6G, mobile applications
    Software-defined networks
    Virtual Reality/Extended Reality/Augmented Reality, immersive applications
    Location-based services
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Web and enterprise computing
    Big data (batch, streaming, data warehouses, supporting middleware, etc.)
    (Near) Real-time applications and services

Cloud systems

    Cloud storage and databases, data management
    Middleware platforms
    Data distribution systems (messaging, pub/sub, RPC, etc.)
    Big data systems (streams, batch, etc.)
    Serverless computing, Function-as-a-Service
    Platforms and services for data and analytics
    Systems for the container ecosystem
    Virtual machines, hypervisors

Fog and Edge Computing

    Runtime systems, programming models, middleware, and applications
    Data management and distribution
    Coordination and integration with cloud platforms
    Accelerators at the edge and core
    Edge-cloud Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, federated learning
    Mobile cloud computing
    Security and privacy from edge to cloud
    Low Earth Orbit edge computing on satellite networks


    Processors, accelerators for cloud processing
    SGX, trust zone, hardware security support, cloud security
    Cloud networking
    Runtimes, virtualization, containers, unikernels
    Cloud economics
    X as a Service: Backend, Business Process, Database, Infrastructure, Network, Platform, Security, Software, Storage, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning etc.
    Blockchain in support of cloud services

IC2E is looking for the following three types of paper submissions:

    Research papers describe original well-evaluated research. Novelty is a key criterion in the review process.
    Vision papers describe speculative but well-reasoned and inspiring papers. Here, the insights and clarity of the vision are of key concern.
    Industry and experience papers describe how existing research has been transferred into practice. The review focus is on the lessons learned, including those relevant for researchers.

Research and vision papers should be submitted to the Research Track, industry and experience papers to the Industry Track. Vision papers should have "(Vision Paper)" as a subtitle on the first page.
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