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CCF: Journal Rank (A, B, C) from China Computer Federation (2022)
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CCFAbreviaciónNombre CompletoFactor de ImpactoEditorISSNVistas
 Industrial Robot1.190Emerald0143-991X7739
AAAAbstract and Applied Analysis Hindawi1085-33757735
 Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2.225Springer0278-081X7734
 International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & LogisticsTaylor & Francis2330-26747728
 Sensing and Bio-Sensing ResearchElsevier2214-18047726
 Language Learning & Technology2.571University of Hawaii Press1094-35017713
 International Journal of Information Security1.988Springer1615-52627704
 Journal of Computational BiologyMary Ann Liebert1066-52777695
cJWEJournal of Web EngineeringRinton Press1540-95897674
 Virtual and Physical Prototyping6.825Taylor & Francis1745-27597674
 Systems & Control Letters2.804Elsevier0167-69117673
IEEE Transactions on Technology and SocietyIEEE2637-64157640
ADSAdvances in Decision SciencesHindawi2090-33597634
MLAIJMachine Learning and Applications: An International JournalAIRCC2394-08407634
 BioData Mining2.522Springer1756-03817613
 Journal of Computing in Civil EngineeringASCE0887-38017606
 Computers & Operations Research4.008Elsevier0305-05487597
 Computational Materials Science3.300Elsevier0927-02567584
 Journal of Rail Transport Planning & ManagementElsevier2210-97067544
 ICT Express4.317Elsevier2405-95957523
 Journal of Research on Technology in EducationTaylor & Francis1539-15237517
APEAdvances in Power ElectronicsHindawi2090-181X7508
IJSIRInternational Journal of Swarm Intelligence ResearchIGI Global Publishing1947-92637499
 EAI Endorsed Transactions on Collaborative ComputingEUDL2312-86237487
 European Journal of Operational Research4.213Elsevier0377-22177486
 International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety EngineeringWorld Scientific0218-53937484
 International Journal of General Systems2.259Taylor & Francis0308-10797460
 International Journal of Cartography Taylor & Francis2372-93337457
Desplegando 811-840 de 1118 resultados.
Nombre CompletoFactor de ImpactoVistas
Industrial Robot1.1907739
Abstract and Applied Analysis 7735
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2.2257734
International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics7728
Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research7726
Language Learning & Technology2.5717713
International Journal of Information Security1.9887704
Journal of Computational Biology7695
Journal of Web Engineering7674
Virtual and Physical Prototyping6.8257674
Systems & Control Letters2.8047673
IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society7640
Advances in Decision Sciences7634
Machine Learning and Applications: An International Journal7634
BioData Mining2.5227613
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering7606
Computers & Operations Research4.0087597
Computational Materials Science3.3007584
Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management7544
ICT Express4.3177523
Journal of Research on Technology in Education7517
Advances in Power Electronics7508
International Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research7499
EAI Endorsed Transactions on Collaborative Computing7487
European Journal of Operational Research4.2137486
International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering7484
International Journal of General Systems2.2597460
International Journal of Cartography 7457