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CCF: Journal Rank (A, B, C) from China Computer Federation (2022)
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CCFAbreviaciónNombre CompletoFactor de ImpactoEditorISSNVistas
 Complexity Hindawi1076-27876690
JCTCJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation5.313American Chemical Society1549-96186672
IEEE IoTMIEEE Internet of Things MagazineIEEE2576-31806671
 Journal of Computational Physics3.553Elsevier0021-99916668
 Cogent EngineeringCogent OA2331-19166664
TITRIETE Technical Review1.330Taylor & Francis0256-46026658
AOTAdvances in Optical TechnologiesHindawi1687-63936644
IJANALInternational Journal of AnalysisHindawi2314-498X6641
IJDMBInternational Journal of Digital Multimedia BroadcastingHindawi1687-75786640
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information2.239MDPI2220-99646612
SINMSwarm Intelligence and Numerical MethodsRational Publication0000-00006600
 Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal7.271Elsevier2001-03706592
ADSAdvances in Decision SciencesHindawi2090-33596515
 International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science1.504Walter de Gruyter1641-876X6514
AAAAbstract and Applied Analysis Hindawi1085-33756497
 Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers0.595World Scientific0218-12666480
JCIMJournal of Chemical Information and Modeling3.966American Chemical Society1549-95966467
 Journal of Computational BiologyMary Ann Liebert1066-52776454
 Computer Physics Communications4.390Elsevier0010-46556453
 International Journal of Cartography Taylor & Francis2372-93336445
 Ecological Informatics3.142Elsevier1574-95416429
 Technology and Health Care0.787IOS Press0928-73296428
 Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing6.485Springer0956-55156422
cJWEJournal of Web EngineeringRinton Press1540-95896415
 Virtual and Physical Prototyping6.825Taylor & Francis1745-27596415
 International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & LogisticsTaylor & Francis2330-26746393
 International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making2.862World Scientific0219-62206391
 Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2.225Springer0278-081X6391
 International Journal of Intelligent Computing and CyberneticsEmerald1756-378X6388
Desplegando 781-810 de 1102 resultados.
Nombre CompletoFactor de ImpactoVistas
Complexity 6690
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation5.3136672
IEEE Internet of Things Magazine6671
Journal of Computational Physics3.5536668
Cogent Engineering6664
IETE Technical Review1.3306658
Advances in Optical Technologies6644
International Journal of Analysis6641
International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting6640
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information2.2396612
Swarm Intelligence and Numerical Methods6600
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal7.2716592
Advances in Decision Sciences6515
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science1.5046514
Abstract and Applied Analysis 6497
Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers0.5956480
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling3.9666467
Journal of Computational Biology6454
Computer Physics Communications4.3906453
International Journal of Cartography 6445
Ecological Informatics3.1426429
Technology and Health Care0.7876428
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing6.4856422
Journal of Web Engineering6415
Virtual and Physical Prototyping6.8256415
International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics6393
International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making2.8626391
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing2.2256391
International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics6388