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Foundations and Trends in Signal Processing
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Editorial Aims

The growth in all aspects of research in the last decade has led to a multitude of new publications and an exponential increase in published research. Finding a way through the excellent existing literature and keeping up to date has become a major time-consuming problem. Electronic publishing has given researchers instant access to more articles than ever before. But which articles are the essential ones that should be read to understand and keep abreast with developments of any topic? To address this problem Foundations and Trends® in Signal Processing publishes high-quality survey and tutorial monographs of the field.

Each issue of Foundations and Trends® in Signal Processing comprises a 50-100 page monograph written by research leaders in the field. Monographs that give tutorial coverage of subjects, research retrospectives as well as survey papers that offer state-of-the-art reviews fall within the scope of the journal.

Editorial Scope

Foundations and Trends® in Signal Processing publishes survey and tutorial articles on the following topics:

    Adaptive signal processing
    Audio signal processing
    Biological and biomedical signal processing
    Complexity in signal processing
    Digital signal processing
    Distributed and network signal processing
    Image and video processing
    Linear and nonlinear filtering
    Multidimensional signal processing
    Multimodal signal processing
    Multirate signal processing
    Multiresolution signal processing
    Nonlinear signal processing
    Randomized algorithms in signal processing
    Sensor and multiple source signal processing, source separation
    Signal decompositions, subband and transform methods, sparse representations
    Signal processing for communications
    Signal processing for security and forensic analysis, biometric signal processing
    Signal quantization, sampling, analog-to-digital conversion, coding and compression
    Signal reconstruction, digital-to-analog conversion, enhancement, decoding and inverse problems
    Speech/audio/image/video compression
    Speech and spoken language processing
    Statistical/machine learning
    Statistical signal processing
        Classification and detection
        Estimation and regression
        Tree-structured methods
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