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Microelectronics Reliability
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Microelectronics Reliability is dedicated to disseminating the latest research results and related information on the reliability of microelectronic devices, circuits and systems. The coverage of the journal includes the following topics: physics and analysis; evaluation and prediction; modelling and simulation; methodologies and assurance. Papers which combine reliability with other important areas of microelectronics engineering, such as design, fabrication, packaging and testing, will also be welcome, and practical papers reporting case studies in the field are particularly encouraged.

Most accepted papers will be published as Research Papers, describing significant advances and completed work. Papers reviewing important developing topics of general interest may be accepted for publication as Review Papers. Urgent communications of a more preliminary nature and short reports on completed practical work of current interest may be considered for publication as Research Notes. All contributions are subject to peer review by leading experts in the field.
Additional regular features will include:
• Special issues devoted to significant international conferences, or to important developing topics
• Letters to the Editors
• Industrial news and updates
• Calendar of forthcoming events
• Book reviews

Microelectronics Reliability is an indispensable forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience between microelectronics reliability professionals from both academic and industrial environments, and all those associated in any way with a steadily growing microelectronics industry and its many fields of application.
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Special Issues
Special Issue on Reliability of new Technologies for Power Electronics
Submission Date: 2019-11-30

According to Eurostat (, renewable energy share in the EU was 17.5% in 2017. The current growth in the global share of energy generation and consumption that is electrically based is predicted to accelerate over the coming decades, reaching 70 % in 2050 . Both these amazing results rely completely on power electronics that is needed to convert voltages and frequencies to match the specific application, such as industrial drives, automotive, aerospace and railway transportation. Therefore, power electronics technology is demanded to be more and more reliable to cope with such an impressive trend. Frontier Silicon-based technologies, such as 3-D integration and smart power devices, wide bandgap semiconductors (WBG), new packaging interconnections, emerging passive technologies, and new concepts, such as disruptive conversion topologies, are capturing increasing interest, even though their reliability performance is still far to be demonstrated. It is generally recognized that electronic equipment is stressed by many factors, including extreme mission profiles, temperature, humidity, vibration, cosmic rays, which lead to the degradation of the components, therefore multidisciplinary knowledge is needed, as illustrated by the triangle in the figure. Prospective authors are invited to submit original contributions or overview papers for review for publication in this special issue. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: • Failure mechanisms in modern power semiconductor devices • Reliability of advanced interconnections and layout concepts • Packaging-level reliability • Reliability of passive components • Robustness design – design for reliability in present and future power electronics • Testing for reliability – accelerated tests • Mission-profile modeling and simulation in power systems • Optimization for reliability in modern power electronics • Design of modular/fault tolerant power electronic systems for reliability • Reliability assessment of disruptive conversion topologies • Thermal management • Prognostic methods in power electronics • WBG Materials – physics and technological issues • WBG device lifetime modelling and prediction • Comparison on robustness and reliability performance between Silicon and WBG • Radiation
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