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New Ideas in Psychology is a journal for theoretical psychology in its broadest sense. We are looking for new and seminal ideas, from within Psychology and from other fields that have something to bring to Psychology. We welcome presentations and criticisms of theory, of background metaphysics, and of fundamental issues of method, both empirical and conceptual. We put special emphasis on the need for informed discussion of psychological theories to be interdisciplinary. Empirical papers are accepted at New Ideas in Psychology, but only as long as they focus on conceptual issues and are theoretically creative. We are also open to comments or debate, interviews, and book reviews.
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Special Issue on True Grit: The Psychological underpinning of Passion and skill development
Submission Date: 2020-01-31

“When the go­ing gets tough, the tough get go­ing” is an expression people may heard many times throughout their lives. New research on grit shows that it reflects a fundamental truth of human nature. Regarding the science on grit and mindset, original studies by Galton (1822-1911) on self-denial and zeal can be looked upon as important milestones. Galton wanted to explore what factors made individuals successful. His research was primarily on IQ and how to measure its reliably. However, that was not enough, as there was still one bit missing from the puzzle - how to achieve outstanding results. The philosopher and psychologist William James (1842-1910), who has often been called the father of American psychology, argued that an individual's ability/skills is related to other factors beyond IQ. Why do some individual use only a fraction of their resources, and why do some individuals prosper and others of equal intelligence do not? Galton and James, as well as several contemporary researchers, found that skills and high intelligence are not enough. You need perseverance, passion and the willingness to put in hard work over time. In James’ words, self-control is constituted of attention / concentration, emotion and behavior, which are now considered to be key elements to both grit and mindset. Concurrent research on these aspects today are still concerned with the same fundamental question: what drives people to success? Nowadays, a 100 years later, the concept of grit has received much attention. The concept of grit includes persistence and long-term efficiency. It means setting up both long-term and short-term goals and not giving up in spite of tough times. What challenges do we want to deal with and use our strengths and desires to improve? Research has shown the importance of perseverance for performance in both work and leisure. A key factor for individuals, grit may be considered to be growth mindset. That is, you as an individual has a positive attitude. Growth mindset is characterized by strong belief to be able to influence your own development. If a person with growth mindset is asked if he is good at playing the guitar, he will answer not yet, but I will. The importance of passion to become outstanding has also become an important research question. Passion influences the direction for what we want to develop further. For example, Charles Darwin is believed to be one of the most important scientists in the world who, with the theory of evolution,changed science forever. Few people may perhaps know that Darwin had a strong passion for observing both birds and other animals from an early age. For example, he had a large collection of "beetles". He loved fishing and hunting for small birds. Darwin's father wanted him to be a doctor or a pastor, but Darwin followed his heart and worked his whole life with science. His great passion and experience of 'observation' is considered one of the key factors for the development of his theory. Thus, his passion for his work was as important as his intelligence. One of Iceland’s outstanding musicians, Björk, is another example of the importance of following one’s passion. Björks passion for her music and her great experience from childhood has made her the musician she is. Darwin and Björk are good examples of individuals who have achieved great results in their field, through a combination of intelligence, grit, and passion There is much focus in society today to be well educated and to utilize own resources and capacity in different life domains. There is also a great to become good and successful in sports. Some academics have pointed out that experts are made, not born. Hence, to become excellent in your area you need deliberate practice over a number of years. To become excellent in some areas we need a lot of training and experience. Some factors may be important to be able to train so much we need. Passion may be one such factor, and others may be grit and growth mindset. What kind of role passion, grit and mindset play in enhancing motor and cognitive functions need further exploration. Therefore, this special issue seeks to highlight the important role of passion, grit, mindset and training/experience for excellent performance through the lifespan.
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