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International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM)
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The International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM) covers all aspects of knowledge regulation and order including organizational issues, technology support, and knowledge representation. IJKM provides a forum for global aspects of this significant field of study differing cultural perspectives on its use of knowledge and knowledge management. This journal also focuses on the technical issues associated with the creation and implementation of knowledge management systems.

    Basic theories associated with knowledge creation, knowledge management, and organizational memory
    Case studies of knowledge management and organizational memory systems
    Cognitive theories of knowledge management and organizational memory
    Design of information and communication systems that facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing
    Enablers and inhibitors of knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer behaviors
    Global issues in knowledge management and organizational memory
    Issues related to the capture, storage, search, retrieval, and use of knowledge and organizational memory
    Knowledge acquisition and transfer processes
    Knowledge management in small and medium enterprises
    Knowledge management strategy
    Knowledge management training issues
    Knowledge reuse in organizations
    Knowledge transfer and sharing behaviors within emergent organizational forms such as virtual communities
    Methodologies and processes for developing knowledge management systems
    Metrics and effectiveness of knowledge management and organizational memory systems
    Organizational and economic incentive structures for knowledge sharing and use
    Organizational culture impacts on knowledge management
    Organizational learning
    Use of semantic networks, topic maps, the Internet, digital documents, XML, taxonomies, ontologies, and other technologies to implement knowledge management systems
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