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MoMM 2023: International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia
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2023-07-01 Extended
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Bali, Indonesia
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During the last decade, mobile computing and multimedia have gone through massive advancements in terms of both hardware innovations and software solutions. The emerging and exponential technologies have accelerated research across a wide array of topics such as smart cities, digital twins, nanotechnology, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, chatbots and conversational interfaces, edge computing and server-less cloud computing. While the new technologies and developments have the potential to affect our lives and create positive social impact, they introduce huge challenges in terms of the design, underlying algorithms, implementation and technology adoption. MoMM provides an opportunity for researchers to present, share and discuss their research results and experiences with other researchers and experts in the same or similar fields.

Prior to 2020, MoMM has been held in Munich (2019), Yogyakarta (2018), Salzburg (2017), Singapore (2016), Brussels (2015), Kaohsiung (2014), Vienna (2013), Bali (2012), Ho Chi Minh City (2011), Paris (2010), Kuala Lumpur (2009), and Linz (2008). Last years, MoMM2020, MoMM2021 and MoMM2022 conferences were held as virtual conferences. This year, MoMM2023 will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Multimedia Intelligence
    Mobile and ubiquitous multimedia
    Mobile, distributed systems
    Mobile crowdsensing
    Mobile multimodal interfaces
    Mobile data analytics and mobile AI
    Mobile HCI
    Mobile sensing technologies and applications
    Mobile healthcare applications
    IoT and edge computing and applications
    Smart cities and smart homes
    Smart vehicles
    Context-aware applications and recommender systems
    Wireless sensing technologies and wearables
    Generative AIs, Chatbots and conversational interfaces in mobile environments
    Immersive computing, AR/VR
    Data Visualisation on mobile devices
    Localisation, indoor positioning and tracking systems
    5G and 6G mobility
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