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DSA 2023: International Conference on Dependable Systems and Their Applications
Día de Entrega:
2023-05-25 Extended
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Fecha de Conferencia:
Tokyo, Japan
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Topics of Interest

    Algorithms, Architecture, Framework, Design Patterns, and Maintenance for Dependable Systems and Software
    Security, Threats, Privacy, Safety, and Risk Management
    Dependability and Reliability Modelling and Measurement
    Fault Tolerance, Survivability, Resilience, and Availability
    Metrics, Measurement, and Quality Assessment
    Requirements, Process, Standards, Productivity, and Project Management
    Quality Assurance, Maintenance, Reverse Engineering, and Re-Engineering
    Verification, Validation, Testing, Analysis, Debugging, Model Checking, and Program Repair
    Formal Methods and Theories
    Communication, Networking, Optimization, and Performance
    Pervasive, Ubiquitous, Service-Oriented, and Cloud Computing
    Collaborative, Distributed, Embedded, Real-Time, High Performance, Highly Dependable, Intelligent, Multimedia Systems
    Big Data and Storage
    Prognostics and Health Management
    IoT, Supply Chain, Cyber-Physical Systems, Industry 4.0, and Smart City
    Empirical Studies, Benchmarking, and Industrial Best Practices
    Applications and Tools and Automation
    Approaching Artificial Creativity
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