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ICONIC 2020: International Conference on Intelligent and Innovative Computing Applications
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2020-06-30 Extended
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Solicitud de Artículos
Authors are invited to submit full papers, posters or abstracts on the following Conference Topics. The deadline of submission is 31 MARCH 2020. All papers must be properly formatted using the ACM template and all submissions must be made via the EasyChair portal.

Intelligent Computing:
Artificial Intelligence Applications, Machine Learning Algorithms, Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining, Deep Learning Neural Networks, Big Data Analytics, Evolutionary Computing, Reasoning with uncertainty, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management, Knowledge-Based Systems, Robotics, Agents, Semantic Web, Artificial Life, Bioinformatics, Smart Sensor Networks, Smart Homes & Cities, Natural Language Processing, Recommender System, Intelligent Systems.

Computer Security:
Information Security, Computer Network Security, Security of Web Services, Cyber Security, Security of Mobile Services & Applications, Security Management, Biometrics, Cryptography, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, Computer Forensics, Digital Trust & Reputation, Security Policies, Threat Patters, Crime Analysis & Prevention, Mobile & Cloud Computing Facility, Emergency Response & Management, Legislation & Compliance, Law & Ethics.

Data and Communication Systems:
Network Architectures, Network Modeling & Analysis, Network Security & Privacy, Wireless Networking, Mobile Satellite Networks, Cellular Networks, Body Sensor Networks, Multimedia Networks, Network Operations & Management, Performance Modeling, Software Defined Networks, Internet-of-Things, Adaptive Content Distribution, Emerging Network Technologies, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Distributed Computing, Information Theory.

Machine Vision & Image Processing:
Image Understanding and Classification, Image and Video Compression, Multimedia Retrieval, Medical Imaging in Health Informatics, Motion Tracking & Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Object Recognition, Scene Understanding, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Vision for Robotics, Vision for Drones & Underwater Vehicles, Hyperspectral Imaging, Remote Sensing, Document Analysis, Vision Systems and Applications.

Signal Processing:
Signal Processing: Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing, Multimedia Signal Processing, Signal Processing Education, Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems, Image and Video Processing, Signal Processing for Communications and Networking, Machine Learning for Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Processing, Cognitive Radio, Biomedical Signal Analysis, Bio-medical Modelling and Informatics, Signal Processing Methods for Financial Analysis.

ICT for Development:
ICT in Agriculture, ICT for Climate Change & the Environment, e-Governance, e-Education, e-Health, e-Banking, e-Commerce, e-Business, Teleworking, Edutainment, Social Media, Women Empowerment & Gender Justice, ICT for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Goals, The Digital Divide, Digital Exclusion, Digital Identities, ICT Policies, ICT in Disaster Management & Recovery, Cross-Sector Research & Solutions, General Impacts of ICT on Society.
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