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edC 2019: electronic displays Conference
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Nuremberg, Germany
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The 33rd electronic displays Conference (ED, edC) is the established conference in Europe for promoting the dialogue and discussion between engineers, researchers, users and manufacturers/distributors in the field of electronic displays and systems equipped with displays. We are looking for contributions from research & development and applications as well as market trends.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

•    Display technologies (LCD, OLED, LED, E-paper, flexible displays, (pico-) projection, new technologies like micro-LEDs ...)
•    Display applications (e-signage, automotive, avionic, consumer, industrial, information, medical, mobile, requirements, solutions ...)
•    Driving and interfaces (controller, software, FPGA, LVDS, HMDI, embedded DISPLAYPORT ...)
•    Touch screens (techniques, software, optimizations, haptic feedback ...)
•    GUI, HMI (software, methods, solutions ...)
•    3D (3D display technologies, reproduction, software, evaluation ...)
•    Measurement tasks (display and image quality, ambient light)
•    System aspects and integration (embedded systems, lifetime, environmental conditions, ...)
•    Display subassemblies (backlight, housing, power supply ...)
•    Supply chain (quality assurance, customized displays, reliability, logistics, ...)
•    Market data (FPD, touch, interfaces, applications, …)
•    NEW: Lighting (automotive, special applications,…)
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