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IHCI 2020: International Conference on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction
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Daegu, Korea
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IHCI is a series of conferences where we explore research challenges in the use of AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Applied Perception for building improved and effective interfaces for communication and interaction with information systems and appliances. IHCI 2019 will, therefore, focus on all aspects of the complex interaction between machine intelligence and human intelligence which can make interaction between ICT systems and people smarter. 

The conference will bring together people from academia, industry and research organizations. It will give its participants an opportunity to present and learn about cutting-edge work in this focused area. To meet this objective we invite original research contributions in the following topics of interest.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Intelligent wearable, mobile and ubiquitous interfaces
    Multi-modal interfaces (speech, vision, eye gaze, face, physiological information etc.)
    Virtual Worlds
    Augmented Reality
    Human-Robot Interaction
    Haptic rendering, haptic input and perception
    Brain-Computer, Brain-Machine Interface
    Interface Design for Accessibility
    Intelligent visualization tools
    User adaptation and Personalization
    Recommender systems
    Pedagogical technologies
    Agent based Intelligent User Assistance
    Social media analysis
    Language and speech interfaces
    Generation of multimodal content
    Affective and aesthetic interfaces
    Interactive machine learning
    Soft Computing for Machine Interface
    Cognitive Interface Design
    Interface for Context Sensitive Applications
    Ontology for Interface Design
    Assisted and Enhanced Living
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