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OGC 2024: the Optoelectronics Global Conference
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Shenzhen, China
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2024 IEEE the 9th Optoelectronics Global Conference (OGC) will cover all major areas in optoelectronics, optical communications and fundamental optics along with workshops in areas of current interest.Topics interested but not limited to:

S1. Laser Technology (Download Flyer)

    Mid-infrared Lasers
    Ultrafast Laser Science and Technology
    Laser manufacturing
    High Intensity Lasers and High Field Phenomena
    Quantum Electronics and Laser Science
    Quantum Information and Measurement
    Biomedical and Therapeutic Laser Applications
    Laser Spectroscopy and Microscopy
    Fiber Lasers and Applications
    Waveguide Lasers
    Semiconductor Lasers and LEDs
    Plasma Technologies

S2. Optical Communication and Networks (Download Flyer)

    Integration of Optical and Wireless Networking
    Radio over Fiber Technologies
    Visible Light and Free-space Optical Communication
    Under Water Optical Communications
    High-Capacity Coherent Optical Communication
    High-Speed Optical Access Technologies
    Short-Reach Optical Interconnect for Data Center Networks
    Advanced Digital Signal Processing
    Optical Modulation and Signal Processing
    Lasers and Photonic Components
    Space Division Multiplexing Technologies
    New Optical Fiber Technologies
    Optical Networks Performance Modeling
    Emerging Network Architecture in 5G and Edge Computing
    Design, Control and Management of Optical Networks
    Secure Optical Communication

S3. Near-infrared, Mid-infrared and Far-infrared Technologies and Applications (Download Flyer)

    Infrared detector materials and devices
    Infrared cameras and systems
    Infrared detectors and imaging applications
    Semiconductor materials for infrared and mid-IR lasers
    Novel infrared semiconductor lasers and related applications
    Novel infrared materials for photovoltaics
    Information acquisition & signal processing technologies
    Testing and simulation technologies
    Environment characteristics of target and atmospheric transmission
    Applications in remote sensing, navigation, communication, environmental protection, public security, medicine and industrial inspection
    Smart and fiber-optic sensors
    Nondestructive tests and evaluation
    Near-, mid-, and long-wavelength systems

S4. Quantum Optics and Information (Download Flyer)

    Quantum communications
    Quantum computing
    Quantum metrology and quantum sensing
    Quantum interactions of light with matter
    Cold atoms and cold molecules
    Single-photon sources and detectors
    Entangled photons and other non-classical
    Quantum measurement and control
    Quantum algorithms and protocols
    Quantum Internet and Quantum Networks

S5. Fiber-Based Technologies and Applications (Download Flyer)

    Micro- and nano-structured fibers
    Soft glass fibers
    Crystal fibers
    Fiber designs and theory
    New processes for fiber manufacturing
    New methods for fiber measurement
    Active fibers for high power lasing
    Fibers for ultrafast lasers/ supercontinuum generation
    Fibers for high energy delivery
    Fibers for sensing
    Fibers for gyroscopes
    Fiber for diagnostics and therapy
    Fibers for wearable devices
    Fibers/bundles for imaging
    Fibers for optical communication
    Fibers for optical signal processing

S6. Optoelectronic Devices and Applications (Download Flyer)

    Millimeter, submillimeter, and far-infrared detectors and instrumentation
    Ultra-violet, visible and infrared sensing and imaging technology
    Combination of active and passive optical sensing
    Cryogenic optics technology
    Adaptive Optoelectronics
    Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging
    Optical Instrumentation
    Optics in Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Spectroscopy, Imaging and Metrology
    Photorefractive Effects, Materials and Devices
    Optical Materials and Devices
    Light-matter Interaction
    Data center optics beyond 400G
    Applied Industrial Optics

S7. Biophotonics and Optical Biomedicine (Download Flyer)

    Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy
    Optical coherence tomography: light sources, systems, and applications
    Nonlinear microscopy, coherent Raman scattering microscopy, and high-resolution microscopy techniquesLasers, supercontinuum lasers, fiber lasers and their biomedical applications
    Photoacoustic tomography or microscopy, acousto-optical imaging
    Biomedical optical spectroscopy and imaging: systems and applications
    Optical trapping and manipulation, and their applications in biophotonics
    Lasers, supercontinuum lasers, fiber lasers and their biomedical applications
    Clinical and Translational Biophotonics
    Microscopy, Histopathology and Analytics
    Cardiac Optogenetics
    In-Vivo Label-Free Optical Spectroscopy

S8. Data Center Optical Interconnects and Networks (Download Flyer)

Technologies for DCI/DCN applications:

    Optical transceiver
    Transceiver architecture and modulation
    Subsystem and digital signal processing
    Forward error correction
    Electronic devices and optoelectronic devices
    Photonic integration
    Advanced co-packaging and on-board optics
    Network control and management
    SDN and NFV
    Modeling and monitoring
    Digital twin
    AI and ML

S9. Silicon Photonics (Download Flyer)

    Silicon Photonics for optical communications
    Silicon Photonics for data center networks
    Silicon Photonics for LIDAR and optical sensors
    Silicon Photonics for microwave photonics systems
    Silicon Photonics for Bio-Sensing
    Silicon Photonics for neural network and AI computation
    Innovation of novel optoelectric devices based on other material on Silicon Photonics
    Integration and co-package technologies based on Silicon Photonics
    Design,modeling,manufacture for Silicon Photonics devices

S10. Computational Imaging (download flyer)

    Inverse problem theory of computational imaging
    Scattering imaging and non-line-of-sight imaging
    Ultra-fast 3D imaging
    Multiband imaging and computational imaging spectrometry
    Micro-nano optics and computational imaging
    Diffraction imaging technology with synchrotron radiation
    Electron diffraction microscopy
    Frontier issues in computational imaging
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