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SSR 2018: Security Standardisation Research
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2018-07-06 Extended
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Fecha de Conferencia:
Darmstadt, Germany
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Solicitud de Artículos
Papers offering research contributions to the area of security standardisation are solicited for submission to the SSR 2018 conference. Papers may present theory, applications or practical experience in the field of security standardisation, including, but not necessarily limited to:

access control 	
cloud computing
critical national infrastructure (CNI) protection 	
consistency and comparison of multiple standards 	
critiques of standards
cryptographic protocols 	
cryptographic techniques
evaluation criteria 	
formal analysis of standards 	
history of standardization
identity management 	
industrial control systems security 	
internet security
interoperability of standards 	
intrusion detection 	
key management and PKIs
management of the standardisation process 	
mobile security 	
network security
open standards and open source 	
payment system security 	
regional and international standards 	
RFID tag security 	
risk analysis
security controls 	
security management 	
security protocols
security services 	
security tokens 	
smart cards
telecommunications security 	
trusted computing 	
web security

New this year is that SSR will also accept Systematisation of Knowledge (SoK) papers relating to security standardisation, which integrate experience and previous research, drawing new comprehensive conclusions. SoK papers should evaluate, systematise, and contextualise existing knowledge. They should provide a new viewpoint, offer a comprehensive taxonomy, or cast doubt on long-held beliefs, based on compelling evidence. We also welcome SoK papers that document existing standardisation practices and analyse their weaknesses and strengths.
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